Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

I’ve reviewed and tasted hundreds of non-alcoholic drinks over the past few years and am still surprised by the amazing (and sometimes unpleasant) drinks that I come across.

Naturally, people always ask me what is the best alcohol-free drink I’ve tried and for recommendations. Well, my first response is to point them to my alcohol-free drink selector tool.  This allows anyone to see all the drinks I’ve reviewed and their associated scores (also lets you organise by category and other filters).

However, for those who want an immediate answer, I’ve created this page which reviews the best of the best when it comes to alcohol-free drinks. I’ve taken the top three drinks in each category (and sub-category).

It is important to note that all the reviews I give are honest, candid and subjective based on my taste buds. One thing I’ve learned is that ‘if you don’t try you’ll never know’.

best alcohol-free drinks

Non-alcoholic Beers


– Lagers

– Stouts

Non-alcoholic Wine

– Sparkling

– Red

Non-alcoholic Spirits

– Spirits

– Mocktails

Alcohol-free Beers

This is by far the most common category when it comes to alcohol-free drinks, in part due to the number of new breweries that have popped up to cater for non-alcoholic beer drinkers. Given the variety of the beer category, I’ve split the best-of-the-best into non-alcoholic IPA’s, Lagers and Stout beers. Do know that I’ve tried wheat and pale ales, gose beers and shandys so check the drink selector for specifics.

Best Non-alcoholic IPA beers

The IPA beer category is one of my favourites and one the most hotly contested. Even though there is no alcohol you can expect some punchy, tangy and bitter flavours from these top-scoring alcohol-free IPA beers.


joker af beer


Score – 87

Brewer – Williams Bros Brewing

Full Joker AF review

bravus ipa


Score – 81

Brewer – Bravus Brewing

Full Bravus IPA review

sabro galaxy


Score – 78

Brewer – Brulo

Full Sabro review

Best Non-alcoholic Lagers

Along with IPA beers, non-alcoholic lagers are also a pretty common beer category and as such there is a lot of competition (last count I had reviewed over 30 lagers). If you are looking for an easy-to-drink non-alcoholic beer, perfect to sip at a BBQ or party then the ones I’ve picked out here should hit the spot. Check out more of my non-alcoholic lager reviews.


lucky saint beer


Score – 88

Brewer – Lucky Saint

Full Lucky Saint review

asahi 0.0%


Score – 79

Brewer – Asahi

Full Asahi review

non-alcoholic corona


Score – 77

Brewer – Corona

Full Corona review

Best Non-alcoholic Stouts

Stout beers have always been some of my favourites so its good to see the quality of non-alcoholic stouts has been increasing. With its decadent and heavy flavours and textures, these are great when you are relaxing at home. I’m sure the ones I’ve picked here are going to please all stout drinkers. Check out more of my non-alcoholic stout reviews.


alcohol-free guinness


Score – 82

Brewer – Guinness

Full Guinness 0.0 review

ilkley milk stout


Score – 79

Brewer – Ilkley Brewery

Full Nowt Mary review

galactic milk stout


Score – 76

Brewer – Big Drop

Full Galatic Milk review

Alcohol-free Wine

Non-alcoholic wines still has some way to go to help lift the reputation of alcohol-free drinking. Easily the best category is non-alcoholic sparkling white wines – they are refreshign and very drinkable and some are incredibly realistic. Reds and roses still have a way to go, there are a couple of good ones but others are DFS (destined for the sink). Whites, in general should be avoided at all costs and its why I have not listed any. Hopefully the non-alcoholic wines below are going to good suggestions if you’re looking for a recommendation. 

Best Non-alcoholic sparkling wines

If you are looking for a sparkling wine or non-alcohol champagne for a celebration or party then you are in luck as there are quite a few decent ones to choose from. Maybe its the bubbles that mask and underlying tastes/ sensations from the non-sparklign but whatever the reason the ones I’ve picked here are all very drinkable. Check out more alcohol-free sparkling wines.


chateau del ish


Score – 74

Producer – ISH

Full Chateau del ish review

bella wine


Score – 72

Producer – Bella

Full Bella review

cimicky alcohol-free


Score – 73

Producer – Cimicky

Full Cimicky review

Best Non-alcoholic Red Wine

As you’ll see from the scores, alcohol-free red wine is a long way from the quality and taste of beers, and that’s in part due to the removal of a higher level of alcohol and the loss in texture/tannins. Still, there are a few that are not too bad … but just to manage expectations it still has a long way to go.  Check out more of my non-alcoholic wine reviews.


not guilty alcohol-free wine


Score – 57

Producer – Not Guilty

Full Not Guilty review

adnams cabernet


Score – 56

Producer – Adnams Southwold

Full Adnams Cabernet review

win tempranillo wine


Score – 52

Producer – Win

Full Win Tempranillo review

Alcohol-free Spirits

There is now a large number of alcohol-free sprirts you can buy ranging from dark spirits such as whisky and tequila and light spirits like gin and vodka. In addition to adding your own spirit to a mixer you can also buy pre-mixed mocktails which in general are pretty tasty drinks. I’ve picked out some of the best non-alcoholic spirirts below which are perfect for parties.

Best Non-alcoholic spirits

Generally speaking, there are more gin and rum alternatives compared to other spirits, and the good news, in the main, is that they are pretty tasty and realistic alternatives to the alcoholic types (the main exception being whisky, which isn’t any good). In addition, there are ‘botanical’ drinks that provide an additional effect on the mind i.e. CBD. Check out more of my non-alcoholic spirit reviews.


pink london spirit


Score – 91

Producer – Lyres

Full Pink London Spirit review

alcohol-free espresso martini


Score – 91

Producer – Lyres

Full Coffee Liqueur review

cleanco clean g gin


Score – 90

Producer – CleanCo

Full CleanG review

Best Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Non-alcoholic cocktails, or mocktails as some say, are a relatively new area within alcohol-free drinking. You can now buy a range of pre-mixed cocktails in a can including classic cocktails you would recognise and some that are unique and interesting. If you dont want a pre-mixed cocktail check out my recipe ideas.  Chill them down and bring them to a party.  Check out more of my non-alcoholic cocktail reviews.


spritz ish


Score – 81

Producer – ISH

Full Spritz ish review

gordons alcohol-free GnT cocktail


Score – 81

Producer – Gordon’s

Full Gordon’s GnT review

cleanco cuba libre


Score – 80

Producer – CleanCo

Full Cuba Libre review