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Review – There are now over a hundred different alcohol-free spirits on the market from classics such as gin and rum through to botanicals and ones that can ‘alter the mind’. So if you are confused by all the choice check out MyDryBar’s guide below to help you pick the perfect spirit. 

alcohol-free spirit collection

You’ve probably seen an increasing number of alcohol-free spirits sitting on supermarket shelves or appearing in ads. Perhaps you recognise some brand names but the chances are there are a number of odd-looking artisan products too. Who are they? Are they tasty? Should I buy it? If you are asking these types of questions then make sure you check out all the non-alcoholic spirits below.

If you’re interested in creating tasty non-alcoholic cocktails then make sure you check out our gin-mocktail and rum-mocktail recipes.

Here is a list of some of the best alcohol-free spirits reviewed on MyDryBar so far, so you can make sure you only drink the tastiest options out there.

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Best alcohol-free spirits

Ranked by review score

# 1

lyres coffee originale

In a nutshell, Coffee Originale is the quintessential alcohol-free coffee liqueur that everyone must try, especially if you are a coffee fan … it also makes for an exceptional non-alcoholic espresso martini. 

# 2

lyres coffee originale

If you are looking for one of the best alcohol-free gins then you’re not going to go wrong with Lyre’s Pink London Gin.  Full of classic red berry flavours and blended with the traditional gin flavours of juniper this makes for a refreshing gin and tonic. 

# 3

clean g alcohol-free gin

Another fantastic alcohol-free gin that is going to impress. Clean Co are great at recreating your classic spirits and their award winning gin is top-notch with an expert blend of juniper and botanicals. Another great non-alcoholic spirit, perfect with a tonic.

# 4

lyres italian spritz

Lyre’s certainly knows how to make great versions of classic spirits and their version of Aperol – Italian Spritz – is spot on. It has the bittersweet taste you love with Aperol. So simply add a mixer and ice and enjoy on a summer’s day.

# 5

social elixir

Three Spirit are known for their botanical alchemy. By combining natural ingredients they recreate natural highs without the need for alcohol. Social Elixir is the perfect drink to have before going out on the town. Herby, refreshing and perfect with a mixer. Certainly, one you want to check out.

Alcohol-free light spirits

alcohol-free light spirits

Light spirits have always been a core staple on any bar shelf. Offering a biting, fiery kick these well-known spirits such as vodka and gin have made countless classic cocktails and infinite hangovers! Light spirits are arguably also the most commonly created alcohol-free spirit, especially gin. You may also want to read our review on the best mixers to have with your non-alcoholic spirit.

# 1

Pink London Spirit

Alcohol-free gin – by Lyre’s

pink london spirit

Lyre’s are geniuses at recreating classic spirit flavours and they’ve outdone themselves with their new alcohol-free gin – Pink London Spirit. This gin has captured the essence of a classic pink gin including flavours such as rose, cherry and blackberry. Magnifico!

drinking lyres pink gin

# 2

Clean G

Alcohol-free gin – by Clean Co

clean g alcohol free gin

The Clean Co company have created a great selection of alcohol-free spirits including a fantastic gin – Clean G. Simply add a shot or two of this spirit with ice and a mixer and you’ll have a marvellous non-alcoholic gin and tonic. 

drinking cleang alcohol-free gin

# 3


Alcohol-free tequila – by Mockingbird spirit


If you enjoy the smoky and citrus flavours of an agave tequila then you should try out Mockingbird. Add some tonic and ice for a very refreshing cocktail.

drinking mockingbird

# 4

Spice 94

Alcohol-free gin – by Seedlip

seedlip premixed

Although Seedlip drinks can be a bit hit and miss their Spice 94 alcohol-free gin is great. I had it in a premixed gin cocktail and it was a refreshing blend of citrus flavours with a bittersweet finish.  

drinking seedlip 94

Latest spirit reviews

Mavrik Non-alcoholic Mojito

Mavrik Non-alcoholic Mojito

Mavrik’s non-alcoholic mojito is not bad as a citrus flavoured soft drink but, due to its overpowering lime flavour, isn’t particularly believable as a true alternative to a mojito.

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Non-alcoholic Pina Colada

Non-alcoholic Pina Colada

If you like Pina Colada’s and getting caught in the rain … but not into alcohol then Twisst’s version of this classic cocktail is ideal drinking for you. Full of tropical pineapple flavours and a creamy coconut backdrop, this is the perfect summer indulgence.

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Alcohol-free aperitifs

alcohol-free botanical

Aperitifs are a great way to start a meal (helping to stimulate the stomach). There are a number of different types of alcohol-free aperitifs but generally speaking, they have bittersweet, fruity, herbal flavours (think Aperol, Campari or Pimms).

We’ve also included alcohol-free botanicals within this section as they can have a similar taste profile and are normally created using natural ingredients and herbs and are great with a mixer or tonic. Bitter and unique tasting botanical drinks are becoming increasingly popular with those who have given up the booze.

# 1

Italian Spritz

Alcohol-free Aperol – by Lyre’s

italian spritz

Who doesn’t love an Aperol Spritz on a sunny day? If you are someone who does they you’ll want to check out what the clever guys over at Lyre’s have created … an alcohol-free Spritz that replicates the bittersweet taste of Aperol. I had a shot of it with a tonic, added some ice and it made for an incredibly tasty cocktail. 

drinking lyres italian spritz

# 2

Social Elixir

Alcohol-free aperitif – by Three Spirit

three spirit social

Three Spirit have perfected the art of botanical alchemy by creating three fantastic drinks – each has a different effect on the drinker. This Social Elixir is a great aperitif featuring tastes of cacao, dark fruits and medicinal herbs. Worth noting that My Dry Bar readers currently get 15% off. Read the full review for more details. 

drinking social elixir

# 3


Alcohol-free aperitif – by Roots

roots divino blanco

Roots Divino is a fantastic alcohol-free vermouth that is full of bittersweet flavours, perfect for a summer evening. I mixed this spirit with a tonic and ice for a refreshing and tasty cocktail.

drinking roots divino

# 4


Alcohol-free aperitif – by Ghia

ghia aperitif

Ghia was created with the flavours of the Mediterranean in mind. When you open that cool looking bottle you get a unique tasting experience with flavours ranging from Riesling grape juice, fig and orange peel. A perfect drink to have pre and post meal times.

drinking ghia

# 5


Botanical spirit – by Mahala

mahala botanical

Arguably one of the most complex drinks I’ve tried. Mahala is made up of nine different botanicals which together make for an interesting taste experience. Make sure you add a good mixer though as it is a bit watery. 

drinking mahala

# 6

English garden

Alcohol-free Pimms – by Anon

anon english garden

What sums up summer better than a cool glass of sweet Pimms (ideally without the irritating wasps)? Well, Anon has created an alcohol-free version of Pimms they’ve named English Garden. Simply add a mixer and ice for a refreshing, tasty drink. 

drinking anon english garden

Alcohol-free gin of the month

pink london spirit

This month Lyre’s have smashed it out of the park with their new alcohol-free pink gin called ‘Pink London Spirit‘.

Full of great berry flavours and combined with juniper it makes for a particular tasty gin and an even better non-alcoholic gin and tonic.

Check out the Pink London Spirit review 

Alcohol-free dark spirits

alcohol-free dark spirits

Strong and broody with quite the history dark spirits (such as whisky and rum) know their place at the bar and have been a go-to ingredient whether neat or with a mixer. Producers are gradually coming around to create whisky and rum alcohol-free alternatives so if this is an area you’re interested in trying check them out.

# 1

Coffee Originale

Alcohol-free coffee liqueur – by Lyre’s

alcohol-free espresso martini

Another great alcohol-free spirit by Lyre’s and this time it’s a coffee liqueur. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between this and an alcoholic version. I added it to non-alcoholic white cane spirit with a shot of espresso and some ice for a delicious alcohol-free espresso martini. 

drinking lyres coffee cocktail

# 2

Dark and spicy

Alcohol-free rum – by Caleno

caleno dark and spicy

Caleno’s Light and Zesty (a gin alternative) was featured above and now it’s time for their Dark and Spicy – an alternative to rum. Packed full of exotic fruit flavours you can make a great Pina Colada cocktail drink without the alcohol. 

drinking dark and spicy

# 3


Alcohol-free spirit 

talonmore cocktail

If you are a fan of ginger and fiery flavours then Talonmore is going to be the alcohol-free spirit for you. Made from natural, exotic ingredients including Assam tea, just add a tonic for a very refreshing and tasty cocktail.

drinking talonmore

# 4

Spiced Cane Spirit

Alcohol-free rum – Anon

anon cane spirit

Rum is one of my favourite spirits so I am glad Anon has created a great alcohol-free alternative to this spirit. Ok, it may lack some fire but it still makes for a tasty and refreshing alcohol-free mocktail. … just add ginger ale or coke!

anon spiced cane spirit

# 5

American Malt

Alcohol-free bourbon – Lyre’s

lyres malt

Ok, it isn’t the best alcohol-free spirit I’ve tried but the number of dark spirits (especially bourbons and whiskies) is very limited. There are subtle tastes of whisky with this drink but it lacks the fierneiss and authenticity a good whisky would give you. Not bad, but there are much better Lyre’s products to choose from.

drinking lyres malt

Best places to buy alcohol-free spirits

Thankfully the number of supermarkets and online stockists that offer a range of alcohol-free spirits is growing. You’ll find varying levels of selection from some of the leading names.

If you are after a more comprehensive collection of non-alcoholic spirits and mixers then check out the following online specialists.

uk customers

master of malt

When it comes to alcohol-free spirits, Masters Of Malt has a  great selection on offer. Choose from premade cocktails as well as bottles of non-alcoholic spirits.

us customers

proof no more

Proof No More is a great new alcohol-free retailer that brings all the latest and greatest beers, spirits and more to your door. Check out their extensive collection of non-alcoholic drinks.


Alcohol-free rum of the month

caleno spirit

This month Caleno is chosen as the alcohol-free spirit of the month.

They have created ‘Dark and Spicy’ an alternative to rum. If you enjoy fruity and exciting non-alcoholic cocktails then this will be right up your alley. Check out the review of Caleno’s Dark and Spicy.


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