Bella Alcohol-free wine

It has been a while since I tried out an alcohol-free wine so I was excited to come across Bella. They have created a collection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines (including a Rose and Dream Gold) but it’s their sparkling white wine, Bella Glamour, that I tried out today.

Bella’s alcohol-free wines come from the Veneto Hills in Treviso, Northern Italy. To make their wines they use natural grape must and state-of-the-art tech to ensure that the flavour and taste are not impacted; the only added ingredient is carbon dioxide to give it its fizz.

The question is, was this a wine that is a delight to drink or one that is destined for the sink (as many alcohol-free wines are)? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below to find out.

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Is Bella wine any good?


This wine caught me by surprise … it was actually pretty tasty! It’s rare that I utter those words when reviewing alcohol-free wine but this sparkling white by Bella was pretty good. The flavour profile was similar to other medium-dry white wines with background fruit flavours and a crisp, refreshing aftertaste. The bubbles weren’t overwhelming and added to the overall enjoyable experience of the wine. 

Aroma & Appearance

Well, you certainly get a nose full of fizz but you soon pick out citrus fruits and a delicate floral aroma. The wine does stay carbonated for some time in the glass and has the appearance of prosecco or quality champagne. 

Bonus points

Bella Wines are 0% alcohol which will please some and the level of sugars aren’t too high either. The wines are also gluten-free and vegan friendly. It isn’t the easiest wine to find so your best bet if you are interested in drinking it is to purchase from their own site. 

Buy Bella Alcohol-free Wine

As mentioned above it isn’t the easiest non-alcoholic wine to track down but if you’re interested check it out on Bella’s site.

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Key information

– per 100ml 

Type – Sparkling wine

Creator – Bella Drink

Country – Italy

Alcohol content – 0%

Ingredients – grape must, water, sulphites

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability – hard

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“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.”
-Seneca, AD 50 BC