Alcohol-free cocktails


Pre-mixed cocktails have been around for a couple of decades. At first, they were pretty vile, just a quick sugary fix but now the taste and canning technique have been improved resulting (for the most part) in a tasty alcohol-free cocktail.

You’ve probably seen an increase in the number of pre-mixed alcohol-free cocktails on supermarket shelves. Some you may be aware of there are some new, artisan brands to try. Make sure you check out the reviews on My Dry Bar so you don’t drink the wrong one.

Here is a list of some of the best alcohol-free cocktails reviewed on My Dry Bar so you can make sure you only drink the tastiest options out there. 

  1. SPRITZ – by Ish
  2. GIN AND TONIC – by Gordon’s
  3. CUBA LIBRE – by Clean Co
  4. LIGHT AND ZESTY –  by Caleno
  5. MOJITO – by Savyll


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by ISH

spritz ish

SpritzISH is a fantastic premade cocktail that a fantastic bittersweet flavour (similar to a negroni or Aperol). If you like an alcohol-free cocktail with plenty of fruity and bitter tastes then this is one for you. 

tasting spritz ish alcohol free


Gin and Tonic

 by Gordon’s

gordons alcohol-free GnT cocktail

Let’s face it, Gordon’s is one of the most famous brands when it comes to gin and the good news is they’ve done an incredible job in creating a premixed alcohol-free gin and tonic. Just add some ice and pout into a glass for a refreshing cocktail.

drinking gordons alcohol-free GnT

# 3

Cuba Libre

by Clean Co

cleanco cuba libre

Being a fan of Cuba Libre I couldn’t believe how realistic this cocktail was. CleanCo has used an alcohol-free spicy Jamaican rum paired well with a tasty cola. If you want to impress those cynics who don’t believe in alcohol-free cocktails, serve them this. 

drinking cuba libre cleanco

# 4

Light and Zesty

by Caleno

caleno cocktail

Another alternative to gin, this time from the guys at Caleno. Light and Zesty features fantastic juniper flavours paired with a top-notch gin, bringing you the best, refreshing Mediterranean flavours. You can get this as a premixed cocktail or as a bottle of alcohol-free spirit.

drinking caleno light and zesty t

# 5


by Savyll

alcohol-free mojito

If you are a fan of this Cuban classic then make sure you grab a can of Savyll’s alcohol-free Mojito. Full of citrus and rum flavours this is one Mojito that won’t give you a hangover.

tasting savyll mojito

Alcohol-free cocktail of the month

Gordon’s alcohol-free gin and tonic 

If you’ve always enjoyed a GnT on a summer’s day but soon afterward regret the impact of the alcohol then you’ll want to check out Gordon’s pre-the gin and tonic.

This alternative to booze is very authentic, you get the juniper hit and the spiciness you would from an alcoholic gin and tonic. Check out the full review of Gordon’s alcohol-free gin and tonic.

alcohol-free gordons

Mocktail recipe ideas

The following are all alcohol-free cocktails that I created by using bottles of non-alcoholic spirits and adding my own mixer rather than using a premade cocktail. Nowadays you’ll find an enormous collection of mocktail ideas to try out and sometimes you can just use your imagination. 

Alcohol-free whisky and coke

lyres malt

Alcohol-free gin and tonic

cleanco clean g gin

Alcohol-free Aperol spritz

italian spritz

Alcohol-free Espresso Martini

alcohol-free espresso martini

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