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DrinkBravus Beers
Type – non-alcoholic beers
Alcohol content – 0.5%
Rating– 75/100
Review – Bravus Brewing has created one of the finest collections of non-alcoholic beers. Their IPA has a great punchy taste, the peanut butter stout is rich and decadent and their tart raspberry gose will have you craving another. A highly recommended non-alcoholic craft beer maker.

This review is a bit special as I’m not reviewing an alcohol-free beer but in fact, reviewing FOUR of them thanks to Bravus Brewing. Some time back I added a generic Bravus Brewing post that used Untappd as the source of reviews. However, Bravus kindly went on to send me a pack of their different alcohol-free beers to try out.

Just as a reminder Bravus Brewing Co, based in Anaheim, California, and founded by Phil over 8 years ago, is one of America’s newest and most popular non-alcoholic brands. They currently have over seven different beers to choose from as well as rose.

The four beers I tried over the past couple of weeks included an IPA, Gose, Light ale and hazelnut brew.

bravus brewing beers
bravus ipa beer

Non-alcoholic west coast IPA

This non-alcoholic IPA beer is right up there in terms of one of the best beers I’ve tasted. Thanks to a combination of Citra and Simcoe hops it achieves the punchy, citrusy IPA flavour. It is also balanced well with sweet malty flavours making it an exceptionally refreshing beer with all the characteristics of a west coast IPA … just check out that head!

Score – 81/ 100 

drinking bravus ipa

Buy non-alcoholic Bravus beers

If you are outside the US and Canada then getting hold of Bravus Brewing beers is going to be challenging. However, if you are in North America then check out the online retailer below or check out Bravus’ site directly.   

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bravus gose

Non-alcoholic raspberry gose

Bravus’s raspberry gose is a rare breed, in fact I’ve only reviewed two other goses (or is it geese!) before. This particular drink has a refreshing and unique flavour thanks to its tart raspberry flavour and sweet malts … there’s even some pink salt added to create a real flavour profile.

Score 71/ 100

drinking bravus raspberry gose
Key information

per 355 ml serving

– Gose

BreweryBravus Brewing Co

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Calories – 92

Ingredients – water, malted barley, raspberry extract, hops, yeast

Vegan friendly? – unknown

Gluten-free? – unknown

Availability UK/ EU – hard

Availability US/ CAN– medium

bravus gose
bravus peanut butter beer

Non-alcoholic Peanut butter dark

What would you get if you combined Nutella with a Guinness? This beer from Bravus! It is full of sumptuous and decadent flavours thanks to the addition of chocolate, roasted peanuts, and hazelnuts. I could literally take the frothy head and spread it on some toast. This is a great choice to sit back and enjoy on a cool Winter’s night.

Score 76/ 100

drinking bravus peanut butter beer
bravus golden beer

Bravus’ Golden Light Ale

Sometimes you just need a light and refreshing ale to sip under the sun. Nothing too heavy or gassy, just as refreshing beer to soothe the soul … and that’s exactly what Bravus’ Golden light ale brings. You definitely get some light, malty background notes and tight carbonation but it does lack a bit of body for my liking. Still, a decent non-alcoholic beer worth trying out. 

Score 73/ 100

drinking bravus golden