Alcohol-free Corona Beer


DrinkCorona Cero
Type – non-alcoholic lager
Alcohol content – 0.0%
Rating– 77/100
Review – Non-alcoholic Corona beer is tasty and refreshing thanks to the combination of hoppy goodness and malty sweetness. Overall a great non-alcoholic beer for summer.

Let’s face it there aren’t many beers that scream summer than a cold bottle of Corona with a wedge of lime sticking out the bottle … and the good news is you can enjoy the refreshing taste with zero alcohol … aka Corona Cero.

When one looks to launch an alcohol-free beer it is probably not the best idea to launch two at the same time with marginally different names and traits but that is exactly what brewing giant AB InBev did when they launched Coronoa Sunbrew and Corona Cero.

What’s the difference you ask? Although they both ell Coronoa Sunbrew is generally found in the US and contains additional vitamin D. Corona Cero is marketed as a “100 percent natural lifestyle drink … and its Corono Cero I reviewed today.

Corona itself has been around since the 80’s having come up from Mexico and setting roots in the US. Over the decades its grow in popularity to the point where Corona has become the US’s best-selling export beer. As mentioned above Corona is now brewed by AB-Inbev and their non-alcoholic beer came into existence seven years ago.

So the question is non-alcoholic Corona just as tasty and refreshing as the legendary alcoholic version?

drinking alcohol free corona

Is non-alcoholic Corona any good?


I really enjoyed drinking this alcohol-free Corona and found it very similar to the alcoholic version. Corona Cero still has the sweet malty, bitter hoppy and citrus flavours which make it a refreshing drink. It doesn’t really have the body I would have liked and is pushing on the watery-side but it’s still a well-balanced non-alcoholic beer.

Aroma & Appearance

You can certainly pick out hoppy aromas when you open a bottle of Cero and the smell is very similar to a traditional Corona beer. In the glass it pours with a liught amber colour but there’s barely any frothy head.

Bonus points

Alcohol-free Corona is just that … alcohol-free so will appeal to most. That said given its ingredients it isnt gluten-free. Thankfully due to AB In Bev’s reach you can find this beer at most supermarkets and I’ve started seeing it at pubs and bars too. 

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corona cero
Key information

per 330 ml serving

– lager


Alcohol content – 0.0%

Calories – 56

Ingredients – water, barley malt, maize, sugar, hops, natural flavours

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability UK/ EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN– medium

non-alcoholic corona