Alcohol-free wines

alcohol-free wine

Let’s face it, alcohol-free wine can be quite hit and miss and that’s partly due to wine traditionally having a higher alcoholic level so when it is removed it inevitably impacts flavours, body and aroma.

Believe it or not, the process behind creating alcohol-free wine is the same as alcoholic wine … with the extra admin of having the alcohol removed (either by spinning cone technology, vacuum distillation, or reverse osmosis). The additional processing also means that alcohol-free wine isn’t necessarily cheaper which a number of drinkers expect.

If you don’t want to drink a non-alcoholic wine that is #DFTS (destined for the sink) then make sure you check out the reviews below.

Alcohol-free red wines

Ranked by score

Cabernet Tempranillo

Producer – Adnams

adnams cabernet

As far as alcohol-free reds go, this Cabernet Tempranillo isn’t too bad. Expect punchy berry and fruit flavours from the Tempranillo grapes with background flavours of black pepper however it did lack body.

tasting adnams cabernet


Producer – Torres Natureo

natureo syrah

Torres Natureo has used 100% Syrah grapes for this alcohol-free wine, aged in French oak for up to six months … so you would expect some bold flavours … but you don’t. It is actually quite watery in body and lacks the Syrah flavours I would have liked to have tasted.  

drinking natureo


Producer – Eisberg

eisberg merlot

I think my review sums this wine up nicely “it tastes like red wine … albeit a really bad one you might pick up from the back of a convenience store”. If that’s the vibe you’re going for then knock yourself out. If not, look elsewhere for an alcohol-free red wine.  

drinking eisberg alcohol-free merlot


Producer – McGuigan

mcguigan shiraz alcohol-free

There really isn’t much to say about this wine other than if you fancy a mouth of red wine vinegar this is for you. Certainly, a wine that was #DFTS (destined for the sink) – avoid!

drinking mcguigan shiraz

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Alcohol-free white wines

Ranked by score

Sparkling white wine

Producer – ISH

chateau del ish

If you are looking for a tasty, refreshing alcohol-free white wine with fruity notes of apples and pears then this great sparkling white wine by ISH should be a destination for you. 

drinking chateau ish

Sauvignon Blanc

Producer – McGuigan

mcguigan white wine -alcohol free

The good news is McGuigan gets an award for this wine … the award being the most undrinkable alcohol-free beverage on My Dry Bar; even my sink deserves better!

drinking alcohol free sauvignon blanc
alcohol-free sparkling wine

Alcohol-free wine of the month

If you are looking for an alcohol-free white sparkling wine, reminiscent of prosecco then you are not going to go wrong with Chateau del ISH. Full of fruity, acidic flavours this makes for a very refreshing drink.

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