Drinks with added benefits

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Over the past few years, alcohol-free drink producers have begun to experiment with new and interesting substances. Some ingredients, such as CBD, have an impact on the mind whilst others, such as kombucha, have an impact on the gut.

As such I’ve created a separate section outside of the non-alcoholic drink categories (such as alcohol-free beer) and I’ve called this ‘drinks with added benefits‘. In this section only drinks that genuinely impact the mind or body will be featured so don’t expect any generic soft drinks here.

Non-alcoholic kombucha drinks


Although kombucha has been around for hundreds of years it has had somewhat of a resurgence thanks to its many health qualities and unique taste. If you are unaware of kombucha is its essentially fermented tea (generally black tea) drink that is carbonated and has an acidic edge.

I mentioned health benefits and kombucha has many. Not only is it low in calories and sugar but it also has probiotics (good for the gut) and contains antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals.

Nowadays drinks companies are coming up with a range of exciting and inventive combinations of kombucha and exotic ingredients.

Counter Culture 

counter culture kombucha

Counter Culture offers a unique range of sparkling kombucha drinks. From grapefruit and lemongrass to spiced blackcurrant you are sure to find some flavour profiles to jazz up your kombucha drinking.  

drinking counter culture

Mood enhancing drinks

mind altering drinks

Mood enhancing drinks are those non-alcoholic beverages that include ingredients that either attempt to give you a mellow feeling (without alcohol) or alter your state-of-mind. It is worth noting that all these drinks are legal and most focus on the use of natural ingredients to achieve a change … put it this way, you won’t be suffering a hangover the next morning!

CBD is certainly a trendy ingredient added to all manner of drinks but what exactly is it? Well for the uninitiated CBD is an active ingredient found in cannabis and extracted directly from the hemp plant.

That said it is not the ‘high’ inducing part of cannabis. What CBD does is help reduce anxiety as well as benefit insomnia and those who have chronic pain issues. Just to mention it also shows no signs of addictiveness and according to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with its use.

Three Spirit

three spirit social

Three Spirit was one of the first mood-altering non-alcoholic drinks I tried and it continues to remain a favorite. There are three different ‘botanical concoctions’ that have been created. Social Elixir (pictured) was certainly tasty but didn’t really have the behavioral impact I had anticipated. 

drinking social elixir

CBD Botanical

cbd spirit

Drink producers Maria and Craig have created this drink by intertwining botanical ingredients with CBD. Check out my review of this interesting non-alcoholic spirit.

drinking cbd spirit

Where can you buy mood-enhancing non-alcoholic drinks?

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The Dry Drinker is the leading UK site for non-alcoholic drinks and has a growing range of alcohol-free drinks with benefits including CBD and kombucha options.