Alcohol-free Pimms

Sorry folks, let me dispense some bad news – Pimms does not make an alcohol-free spirit. Here’s the good news, drinks company ANON (an alcohol-free spirit manufacturer based in the UK) has taken it upon itself to create an award-winning, alcohol-free Pimms alternative named – ENGLISH GARDEN.

Given Pimm’s popularity (especially during the summer months), it’s no real surprise ANON has attempted to recreate the flavours and offer an alcohol-free alternative to this English classic. Last year English Garden won a Bronze medal at the London Spirit Awards and also an award at the Farm Shop & Deli Product Awards.

I tried English Garden by pouring a shot of it (from a 20cl bottle) and mixing it with a pomegranate and basil tonic from Double Dutch and adding ice.

The question is, was English Garden full of roses … or one full of weeds? Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

drinking anon english garden

Is Alcohol-free Pimms any good?


If you are a fan of a fruity and refreshing Pimm’s taste then you are going to be happy with ANON’s English Garden. It really does taste like you’re drinking a classic glass of Pimm’s. You get all sorts of fruit flavours including classic summer fruits (strawberry and apple) as well as hints of mint and cucumber to add to the freshness. The pomegranate and basil tonic I added also helped to compliment the flavours and recreate a drink perfect for summer. It was really tasty but my only complaint would be that it was a little too sweet for me and really could do with a bitter edge to balance it.

Aroma & Appearance

The aroma English Garden gives off is very similar to Pimm’s. You can certainly pick out the likes of apples and strawberries. It also looks just like Pimm’s with that golden syrupy colour.  

Bonus points

This alcohol-free Pimm’s is suitable for a wide audience given its vegan-friendly, gluten-free and fairly low in sugars. I also like the bottle branding, very British indeed. The one main downside of English Garden is that it is particularly hard to find. Perhaps when the sun does come out for summer then you’ll find more bottles of ANON on supermarket shelves but in the meantime, you’ll need to purchase it from online specialists.

Buy Alcohol-free Pimms

It’s a shame but there aren’t many stores that sell this tasty AF Pimms but I did find it on the following online specialists below.

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master of malt

When it comes to alcohol-free spirits, Masters Of Malt has a  great selection on offer. Choose from premade cocktails as well as bottles of non-alcoholic spirits.

COST (at time of publication) – £19.99


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anon pimms

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You can now also buy Anon as a pre-mixed mocktail

COST (at time of publication) – £23 X 9 cans


Key information

– per 100ml 

Type – alcohol-free Pimms alternative


Country – UK

Alcohol content – 0%

Calories –48

Water, sugar, flavouring, colouring concentrate from caramel, acidified phosphoric acid

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability UK/EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN – very hard

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