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Type – non-alcoholic gin cocktails
Review – If you are looking for a collection of tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic gin cocktail recipes then check out MyDryBar’s guide to some of the classics including a negroni, tom collins and the classic GnT. The perfect hangover-free gin mocktail ideas.

gin mocktails

When made properly a gin cocktail can be sophisticated and refreshing, bittersweet and exotic … and you don’t even need alcohol!

We’ve picked out some of our favourite gin mocktails below from a number of sources so you get an idea of what is feasible to make and drink.

If you’re looking for a gin mocktail to drink under the sun such as a gin gin mule or perhaps one to accompany a meal such as a gin and tonic I am sure you’ll be happy with the recommendations.

We’ve also created a post on the best overall alcohol-free gins (as well as tonics and mixers) which is worth a read. There’s also a guide to some incredible alcohol-free rum cocktails that are certainly worth tasting.

Alcohol-free NEGRONI

Recipe and image courtesy of Lyre’s

alcohol free negroni


The negroni is certainly one of my favourite cocktails thanks to its bittersweet flavours. Developed back in 1919 by Count Camillo Negroni it has gone on to be a staple in many bar menus. Thankfully Lyre’s have developed a range of alcohol-free spirits so you can now create a non-alcoholic negroni and achieve the same flavours.


* 30ml – Lyre’s alcohol-free gin –
(find it here)

* 30ml – Lyre’s alcohol-free aperitif –
(Aperitif Rosso)

* 30ml – Lyre’s orange syrup
(Italian Orange)

* Ice cubes

* Orange slice to garnish

Take a cocktail mixer and gently stir the spirits together. Take an ‘old fashioned’ shaped glass, add ice and stir in the cocktail. Stir around to chill and add some garnish to finish the look.

Alcohol-free TOM COLLINS

Recipe and image courtesy of Craft Gin Club

gin mocktail


A Tom Collins is a classic gin cocktail that was first documented back in 1876 by Jerry Thomas aka ‘”the father of American mixology”. Using a refreshing mix of gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water this is a great one for a gin mocktail.


* 60ml alcohol-free gin –
(try Tanqueary 0% or CleanCo)

* 30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

* 15ml of a sweet syrup
(try Lyre’s cane spirit)

* Soda water, to fizz and top

* Lemon slice and/or cherry, to garnish

Take a cocktail mixer and combine the alcohol-free gin, juice, and syrup and shake up with lots of ice. Once strained this cocktail is traditionally served in a  highball glass over ice and garnished with a lemon slice. 

Alcohol-free Gin and tonic

Recipe and image courtesy of Seedlip

alcohol free gnt

Alcohol-free GnT mocktail

To be honest it is pretty simple to make an alcohol-free gin and tonic as there are a growing number of non-alcoholic gins to choose from … as well as an enormous range of mixers. This particular GnT has a twist to it as it uses Seedlip Grove 42, which is more a botanical spirit featuring bitter orange, mandarin, ginger and more. Simply and refreshing.


* 50ml – Seedlip Grove 42 –
(find it here)

* 125ml – Good quality Tonic
(1724 is a great tonic)

* Ice cubes

* Orange slice to garnish

Simply mix the spirit and tonic in a highball glass along with the cubed ice and some garnish orange peel for decoration.

Alcohol-free Gin Gin Mule

Recipe and image courtesy of Lyre’s

gin gin mule

Alcohol-free Gin Gin Mule

If you’ve not come across the gin gin mule you’ve been missing. This mocktail takes the traditional Moscow mule (made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice) and instead replaces the vodka with gin. This is a refreshing tasty cocktail with a kick and the recipe below comes courtesy of Lyre’s. 


* 60ml – Lyre’s alcohol-free gin 
(find it here)

* 90ml – Ginger ale
(Navas is a great brand)

* 15ml – lime juice

*15ml of sugar syrup
(try Lyre’s cane spirit)

* mint leaves

* ice cubes

Place all the ingredients into a highball glass and then fill with ice cubes and stir for a refreshing gin mocktail.

Alcohol-free Gimlet

Recipe and image courtesy of Craft Gin Club

alcohol-free gimlet

Gimlet mocktail

A gimlet is a pretty old cocktail that was mentioned back in the 1920’s as a drink ‘made of gin and lime cordial’. Given its basic recipe and refreshing taste it has stood the test of time and even got a reference in Raymond Chandler’s novel The Long Goodbye.


* 75ml – alcohol-free gin 
(try Sipsmith as an option)

* 15ml – lime cordial

* lime wedge to garnish

To make this gin mocktail simply add the alcohol-free gin and lime cordial to a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. Give it a proper shake-up to mix and cool the ingredients and pour it into a chilled glass. Perfection.  

Buy alcohol-free gin

If you fancy creating your own alcohol-free gin concoction then its relatively easy to find a non-alcoholic gin and start experimenting yourself. You’ll find that a number of traditional drink producers (such as Gordons and Tanqueray) have created their own alcohol-free gins but there are also new producers to the market that are worth trying.

The following gins are all available from Masters of Malt who specialise in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits.

alcohol-free tanqueary

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Alcohol-free Gordons

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