Best Rum Mocktails

rum mocktails

I’m not going to lie, I enjoy a rum. Sweet, fiery goodness that conjures many memories. Thankfully over the past few years, a number of producers have been creating alcohol-free bottles of rum (both dark and light) that work perfectly in a mocktail.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite rum mocktails below from a number of different sources so you get an idea of what is feasible to make and drink. There are recipes for alcohol-free mojitos, daiquiris and even a dark and stormy.

If perhaps you are looking for other mocktail ideas then check out our guide to the best gin mocktails.

Top Rum Mocktail recipes

  1. Alcohol-free DARK AND STORMY
  2. Alcohol-free DAIQUIRI
  3. Alcohol-free RUM PUNCH
  4. Alcohol-free MOJITO
  5. Alcohol-free MAI TAI
  6. Alcohol-free PINA COLADA


Alcohol-free DARK AND STORMY

Recipe and image courtesy of Lyre’s

dark and stormy mocktail

Dark and stormy MOCKTAIL

According to many sources, the Dark and Stormy cocktail was concocted by the Gosling Brothers (producers of black sea rum) in Bermuda after WW1. Since then the cocktail has become a classic thanks to its ease of creation and refreshing taste. It is now very eas to make a non-alcoholic Dark and Stormy … just follow the method below and away you go. 


* 60ml – Lyre’s spiced cane spirit –
(find it here)

* 15ml – Lime juice

* 90ml – Ginger beer
(try Artisan Fiery Ginger Beer)

* 7.5ml – Vanilla syrup

* Ice cubes

* Lime wheel to garnish

Add all the above ingredients to a highball glass. Stir until blended and then add a few ice cubes and garnish with the lime. 

Alcohol-free Daiquiri

Recipe and image courtesy of Dead Man’s Fingers

alcohol free daiquiri


The classic rum cocktail Daiquiri was originally concocted by an American, Jennings Cox, who was in Cuba at the time of the Spanish–American War (beginning of the 20th century). It consists of gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water and as such makes for a relatively easy mocktail conversion thanks to Dead Man’s Fingers. 


* 50ml – White rum 
(try Dead Man’s Fingers)

* 50ml – Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

* 25ml – Sugar syrup
(try Lyre’s cane spirit)

* Cubed ice

Take all the above ingredients and blend them in a cocktail shaker. Give it a thorough shake to combine the ingredients and then strain it into a chilled Coupe glass and enjoy. Daiquiri mocktail perfection. 

Alcohol-free Rum Punch

Recipe and image courtesy of Caleno

alcohol-free rum punch

Rum Punch Mocktail

If you want to recreate the flavours of the Caribbean but want to avoid the alcohol then this rum mocktail is for you. Created by Caleno who have produced two great alcohol-free rums (dark and light) this rum punch is sure to please with its refreshing citrus flavours.


* 50ml – Dark and Spicy rum
(find it here)

* 60ml – Pineapple juice

* 15ml – Fresh Lime juice

* 20ml – Cranberry juice

*50ml – Fresh Orange juice

* Ice cubes

* Glace cherries to garnish

Simply shake the above ingredients in an ice-filled shaker until icy cold. Strain the mix into a chilled hurricane glass with cubed ice and enjoy the taste of the Caribbean.

Alcohol-free Mojito

Recipe and image courtesy of Cleanco

mojito mocktail

Mojito mocktail

Cocktails don’t get more refreshing than a mojito, a classic from Cuba. Traditionally this Cuban punch is made up of five ingredients including white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint. CleanCo has come up with a number of alcohol-free spirits, including rum, in order to create a tasty non-alcoholic mojito.


* 50ml – CleanR rum 

* 1 x Tsp sugar

* Dash of soda water

* 4 x Lime quarters

* Fresh mint sprig


Muddle the lime along with the sugar and mint in a highball glass. Pour in the rum, add ice and give it a good stir before topping off with the soda water and garnish with mint decoration.

Alcohol-free Mai Tai

Recipe and image courtesy of Ish

alcohol-free mai tai

Mai Tai Mocktail

Victor J. Bergeron is the American who claimed to have invented the Mai Tai in 1944. Since its creation its become a classic rum cocktail full of character. Featuring rum, lime juice, orgeat syrup and orange liqueur this is one tasty cocktail. Thankfully Ish has developed a great rum that is perfect to create a mocktail (check out their pre-made daiquiri mocktail).


* 60ml – Rum’ish

* 20ml – Fresh orange juice

* 20ml – Lime juice

*25ml – Orgeat syrup
(try William Fox)

* Ice cubes

* Mint, orange slice to garnish

Shake all the above ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled double rocks glass. Garnish for that final sophisticated touch. 

Alcohol-free Pina Colada

Recipe and image courtesy of Lyre’s

alcohol-free pina colada

Pina Colada mocktail

Let’s face it, who hasn’t heard of a Pina Colada. It’s gone through many phases in its life since its creation back in the early 19th century. The good news for fans of this fruity cocktail is that it’s making something of a comeback and Lyre’s have developed a great recipe, using their alcohol-free rum. 


* 75ml – Lyre’s White Cane Spirit 
(find it here)

* 75ml – Coconut water

* 20ml – Sugar syrup

* 6 x Pineapple chunks


To make a mocktail pina colada just muddle all the ingredients mentioned above in a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake hard and strain. This drink is best enjoyed in a chilled highball glass with a pineapple chunk for garnish … and if you can find it, a cheesy 80s Hawaiian umbrella stick. 

Buy alcohol-free rum

If you fancy creating your own alcohol-free rum mocktail it is now easy to buy a bottle of alcohol-free rum and start experimenting. Your best bet is to buy these non-alcoholic spirits from a specialist such as Master of Malt where you’ll find the largest selection. 

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