Maiden Mill Alcohol-free Cider

I hadn’t reviewed an alcohol-free cider for a while so I was excited when I came across Maiden Mill, an alcohol-free cider at WiseBartender.

They call themselves the “World’s first dedicated AF cider brand” so I have high expectations that this will be a good drink – especially when it comes from the home of classic cider, Somerset, UK. Maiden Mill produces two AF ciders – a medium dry cloudy cider and the golden sparkling cider I tried today.

Made using a classic bittersweet cider base (including varieties such as Somerset Redstreak, Yarliginton Mill and Jonagold) along with a few other locally sourced ingredients ensures this has all the refreshing properties you would expect from a cider.

The question is how does Maiden Mill stack up against other alcohol-free ciders? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below to find out.

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Is Maiden Mill Alcohol-free Cider any good?


Maiden Mill is a pretty tasty cider and it’s hard to believe you are not drinking an alcoholic version. The blend of apples used really does help to create tangy, bittersweet, acidic flavours with a background of sweetness. In addition, the carbonation adds to the drinking experience, enhancing the refreshment. Overall an alcohol-free cider I can certainly get behind and recommend.

Aroma & Appearance

As expected lots of punchy ripe apple flavours hit your nose as soon as the cap is popped.  In the glass Maiden Mill pours with a clear, spakling amber colour.

Bonus points

This alcohol-free cider should suit most drinks as it has low calories (less than 85Kcals per bottle), is vegan friendly and suitable for gluten-free drinkser. 

Buy alcohol-free Maiden Mill

At the time of writing, your best bet to find AF Maiden Hill cider is from the stockist below. Alternatively, check out Maiden Mill’s own site for availability. 

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Wise Bartender is a very well-respected alcohol-free retailer with a great selection of booze-free drinks and an easy-to-use site.

COST (at time of publication) – £2.89 per bottle


maiden hill alcohol-free
Key information

per 100 ml serving

– Apple cider

ProducerMaiden Mill

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Ingredients – Water, Traditional Bittersweet Cider Base ( Containing but not limited to – Dabinett, Somerset Redstreak, Yarliginton Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Jonagold), Apple Juice Concentrate, Malic Acid, Sulphites

Calories – 25

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability UK/ EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN– hard

maiden hill alcohol-free cider