Best non-alcoholic drinks for summer

alcohol-free drinking

It feels like winter has taken forever to leave us but now we are heading into the summer months with longer days and warmer nights. As such it’s time to crack open some fantastic non-alcoholic drinks for summer.

Whether you are enjoying a BBQ, having an afternoon aperitif, or sipping a beer whilst the sun sets there are now some great alcohol-free options to be had in 2023.

Generally speaking, alcohol-free summer drinks hover around the following categories – refreshing lager, fruity cocktail, chilled glass of white wine, tangy cider and of course a Pimms … and I have reviewed all the best of these options below.

Mocktails are becoming especially popular with MyDryBar readers and its why I’ve created dedicated rum and gin mocktail sections so you can mix up the tastiest cocktails and still drive home at the end of the night.

If you do come across other non-alcoholic drinks that are perfect for summer do get in touch and I’ll look to review them … here’s to a belter of a summer 🙂

Top five alcohol-free Summer drinks

  1. Alcohol-free lager …. LUCKY SAINT
  2. Non-alcoholic cocktail  … GORDONS FREE AND TONIC
  3. Alcohol-free Pimms  … ENGLISH GARDEN
  4. Non-alcoholic cider … THATCHERS
  5. Alcohol-free sparkling wine … NOZECO

Best non-alcoholic lager for summer

You’ve probably come across the Lucky Saint brand by now as they’ve been on somewhat of a marketing drive; in fact, even my local London pub has Lucky Saint on tap.

This was one of the first alcohol-free beers I reviewed and it continues to be the best thanks to its crisp and refreshing taste. If you are looking for a perfect non-alcoholic beer to sip on during summer then cracking open a bottle or can of Lucky Saint is the way to go.

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lucky saint beer
gordons alcohol-free GnT cocktail

Best alcohol-free cocktail

Gin and tonic. The classic summer combo. Nowadays there are a number of alcohol-free gins to choose from and one of the best is Gordon’s.

You can either add your own tonic or simply buy a premixed mocktail (such as the one opposite). All you need to do is add ice and slice for a refreshing, bitter and tangy drink.

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Best alcohol-free Pimms

Arguably a glass of Pimms, with a slide of cucumber, mixed fruit and ice is the most British summer drink you’ll taste and for good reason – it’s fruity and has a great balance of sweet and bitter. If you enjoy Pimms but don’t like the alcohol you’ll be pleased to hear that Anon has created an alternative ‘English Garden’

Simply mix award-winning English Garden with tonic water, add ice and you’ve got yourself one of the most indispensable British drinks. All you have to do now is take care of those annoying wasps!

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anon english garden

Chose the best alcohol-free drink 
for summer 2023

drink selector

Regular visitors to MyDryBar will know that I have reviewed hundreds of alcohol-free drinks from beers and spirits to wine and ciders.

To help you choose the perfect drink for your summer check out our alcohol-free drink selector feature.

thatchers zero cider

Best alcohol-free cider

If, like me, you enjoy a crisp and chilled cider on a summer’s afternoon then you’ll be pleased to hear there are a number of alcohol-free ciders on offer.

Generally speaking, I go for apple cider as I find them less sweet than their pear or mixed fruit flavour counterparts. As such I recommend checking out Thatchers alcohol-free cider.

This award-winning non-alcoholic cider by Thatchers is perfect for a lazy, hazy summer afternoon and has just the right balance of juicy apples with a refreshing, dry aftertast.

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Sparkling wine, such as a Prosecco, isn’t just for celebrations, it’s a great treat for any time of the year, especially when the thermometer rises.

Alcohol-free wine in general has a bad rap but the one exception seems to be sparkling white wines … and Nozeco is one of the best.

Perfectly carbonated with a dry finish and fruity notes Nozeco, a prosecco alternative, makes a great addition to a summer picnic or night in

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