Clausthaler Lemon Alcohol-Free Beer


Name – Clausthaler lemon
Type – non-alcoholic beer
Alcohol content – 0.5%
MyDryBar Rating– 71/100
Drink review – Overall Clausthaler’s alcohol-free lemon beer was a delight to drink. It would be the perfect summer picnic partner – refreshing, fruity with a bit of bite.

I last had a lemon alcohol-free beer when I tried Kaiserdom. Overall that was a tasty, refreshing drink which scored well. So, when I saw that Clausthaler also had a lemon alcohol-free beer I had high expectations.

Clausthaler is an alcohol-free specialist brewer who began creating alcohol-free beer back in the 1970s. Since then they’ve gone on to create some great beers including their original lager, a dry-hopped beer, one that is grapefruit flavoured and the one I tried today, the lemon flavour.

The brewery uses what’s known as ‘controlled fermentation’ to create their non-alcoholic beers. It enables Clausthaler to control the levels of fermentation but retain a tasty beer. This beer itself is a combo of lemonade (60%) and alcohol-free beer (40%) … a classic shandy mix.

So, is Clausthaler’s beer just as tasty as Kaiserdom’s lemon concoction? Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

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Is Clausthaler beer any good?


Really very tasty. There’s just the right balance of sweet malts from the beer and fizzy, tart flavours from the lemonade. I have read that the beer on itself is particularly bitter so its good that the balance is in favour of the lemonade. Overall it isn’t too carbonated and was the perfect accompaniment to my Thai Green curry. 

Aroma & Appearance

It has the sweet aromas of a lemon shandy with background malty notes. As you can see when poured into the glass Clausthaler lemon has a light amber look to it.  

Bonus points

This beer is vegan-friendly but not suitable for gluten-free drinkers. Also, note that it isn’t completely free of alcohol as it’s 0.5% ABV. Availability-wise as Clausthaler is now owned by the Radeberger Group, you can pick it up from a number of supermarkets such as Ocado. 

Buy Clausthaler beer

At the time of writing, you can buy this alcohol-free lemon beer from the retailers below. 

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Key information

– per 100ml

Type – Lager/ Lemonade

Brewery  – Clausthaler

Country – Germany

Alcohol content – <0.5%

Calories – 43

Ingredients – water, hops, yeast, barley malt

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability – medium

clausthaler lemon

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