Best alcohol-free drinks for summer

drinking alcohol-free

It sure is hotting up out there. Across Europe and America temperatures are on the rise. So, what better way than to relax and cool down by pouring yourself an alcohol-free drink.

If you’re a regular to My Dry Bar you’ll know I have reviewed 100’s of great (and not so great) non-alcoholic drinks … but what are the best ones to crack open when the suns out and the temperature is on the rise?

Well, the good news is I’ve helped in your search by picking out some of the most refreshing, light and tasty alcohol-free beverages that will be perfect for any BBQ, pool party or simply drinking whilst chilling on your sun-lounger.

Let me know what you think of my list of the best alcohol-free drinks for summer.

Top alcohol-free beers

There is nothing like sipping on a cold (preferably ice cold) beer when the mercury rises. You can save the heavy ales and porters for another occassion, here you’ll find only the most refreshing beers I’ve reviewed. 


lucky saint beer


Still, my number one favourite alcohol-free beer to drink. Thanks to its crisp, mellow taste I can finish three or four of these award-winning beers and not get bored of it. In fact, I bought an ice cooler full of them to a BBQ recently and even those drinking alcohol agreed they were great.

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freestar review


Freestar, an alcohol-free lager, is definitely a go-to beer when it hots up. If you are looking for a unique tasting fruity beer that is clean, crisp and refreshing then this is a good choice.

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nanny state pint


Brewed by Brewdog, Nanny State is one for lovers of hoppy, bitter, malty flavours. The good news is that the flavours balance out to create a perfect accompaniment to any summer BBQ.

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kaiserdom radler


Slightly left-field but equally refreshing and tasty, this lemon Radler by Kaiserdom is simply great when the sun comes out. Combining a tart, sweet lemon taste with the malty, hoppy taste of the beer this works perfectly.

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smashed citrus beer


Similar to Kaiserdom above, Drynk’s Smashed Citrus beer features tasty and refreshing citrus fruit flavours in their lager. At 0% ABV this drink is perfect to sip on during a hot summers evening.

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Top alcohol-free Cocktails

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a gin without the guilt or a Pimms without the hangover then check out the following collection of alcohol-free cocktails and spirits, perfect for any summer party. 

# 1

pink london spirit


When it comes to gins this pink gin by Lyre’s is simply fantastic. All you need to do is add a good quality tonic, plenty of ice and perhaps some mixed fruit for the perfect gin mocktail. A great and tasty drink for summer.

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# 2

spritz ish


If you’re a fan of Aperol Spritz then you’ll like this pre-mixed alcohol-free cocktail by ISH. Enjoy this blend of the biter and sweet, expertly crafted and mixed. Just bring it out of your cooler and pour. Perfect and easy for a summer picnic.

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# 3

roots divino blanco


Are you looking for an alcohol-free aperitif you can sip whilst munching on some olives? If you are then you can’t go wrong with Roots Divino Bianco Aperitif. Simply add a shot with some tonic and ice and you’ve got yourself a tasty martini mocktail.

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# 4

gordons alcohol-free GnT


This is another pre-mixed alcohol-free cocktail for summer. Featuring a classic gin from producer Gordon’s and a tasty tonic this can gin and tonic works wonders at any summer party or picnic.  you

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# 5

cleanco cuba libre


Created by CleanCo this Cuba Libre is super authentic tasting. If you like the taste of rum and coke then this pre-mixed alcohol-free cocktail is perfect. Simply add ice into a glass and pour and you’ve got yourself a classic mocktail. 

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