Alcohol-free Ghost Ship 


Name – Ghost Ship
Type – non-alcoholic pale ale
Alcohol content – 0.5%
MyDryBar Rating– 39/100
Drink review – Unfortunately I did not find Adnams non-alcoholic Ghost Ship tasty at all due to its super bitter flavour. If you’re a fan of pale ales and want to try an alcohol-free version you may want to give Ghost Ship a miss.

Firstly, let us congratulate Adnams, the UK brewery, for reaching the grand old age of 150 years. They have been brewing beers, ciders and spirits since the start and Ghost Ship Pale Ale is one of the fan’s favourites; so I was excited to discover alcohol-free Ghost Ship was now available. 

So, it was no surprise that Ghost Ship was given a 21st-century makeover thanks to the creation of their 0.5% version; which along with Wild Wave and Sole Star make up Adnams’ alcohol-free collection. 

Ghost Ship is a dry-hopped citrus pale ale where the alcohol has been removed to replicate its alcoholic cousin as closely as possible … but how does it stack up? 

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Is alcohol-free Ghost Ship any good?


Well, I’ve got to say this was a pretty disappointing alcohol-free pale ale; it didn’t help that I had reasonably high expectations after trying the alcoholic version of Ghost Ship, which was pretty good. I appreciate pale ales are meant to have a hoppy hit but for me, this was far too bitter and carbonated. It also really didn’t have much body to it i.e. felt just too watery in the mouth. The citrus after-taste didn’t enhance the experience, if anything made drinking it worse.

Aroma & Appearance

Not great. It did have a fruity, hoppy smell but there was an unpleasant background scent which I couldn’t quite place. The colour was pretty dark amber with a decent head to start with but quickly dissipated.

Bonus points

Ghost Ship alcohol-free pale is not gluten-free and does contain low levels of alcohol but is suitable for vegans. If you want to try this pale ale it’s available in bottles and cans from most supermarkets and specialists.

Buy Alcohol-free Ghost Ship

At the time of writing, you can purchase alcohol-free Ghost Ship from most supermarkets. You can also find this beer from the following specialists.

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alcohol-free ghost ship

Alcoholic Ghost Ship vs the non-alcoholic version

ghost ship ale
alcohol-free ghost ship

As I mentioned at the top of the review, the alcoholic version of Ghost Ship (at 4.5%) is a decent pale ale. It has just the right balance of citrus and bitterness to make it an enjoyable drink. The alcohol-free version, although it looks similar has neither the taste nor aroma to match the original. Other brewers have done a better job at replicating the features found in the original alcoholic version so I hope Adnams tries to improve it.

Key information

– per 330ml

BreweryAdnams Southwold

Country – UK

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Calories –69

Ingredients – water, yeast, barley malt, rye malt, hops

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability? – Medium

ghost ship alcohol free