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Alcohol-free drinks

Established in 2020, MyDryBar is an award-winning review site designed to help guide people around the world of non-alcoholic drinks - and with 100s of reviews, we're hoping you'll find your perfect drink. 

Given there are now hundreds of great (and not so great) new alcohol-free drinks on the market, from wine and beer to spirits and cider it made sense to create a destination site for those looking to find the best alcohol-free drinks to try.

You can use My Dry Bar to either see an individual drink's review (scored out of 50), look for drinks in a  specific category (ie IPAs in the beer category or sparkling in the wine category) or simply use the alcohol-free drink selector tool that helps you locate what you are after. 

We hope you enjoy using the site, feel free to subscribe to receive newsletters and please send any feedback which can help us further improve the site. 


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