Alcohol-free Erdinger


Type – non-alcoholic beer
Alcohol content – <0.05%
Rating– 70/100
Review – Erdinger has created a tasty, malty and refreshing alcohol-free wheat beer making a real effort to try and achieve the taste, look and smell of other German wheat beers.

As a fan of wheat beers after a rather boozy trip to Munich (yep – Oktoberfest) I was quite cynical about alcohol-free wheat beers. Thankfully though, my first foray into this sector was with alcohol-free Erdinger (or alkoholfrei as they say in Germany). 

The Erdinger Weissbräu brewing company has been around for over 130 years so they certainly have some experience under their belt when it comes to alcoholic beers … but what about the non-alcoholic type?

Well, they launched Erdinger Alkoholfrei as a “sporty thirst quencher”. Not sure I am going to be leaping on the playing field after drinking one of these bottles but what’s it like as a social drink? You’ll need to read the My Dry Bar review below to find out.

drinking erdinger

Is alcohol-free Erdinger any good?


I’ve got to say this is pretty tasty, it won’t blow your socks off but is a good option for someone dipping their toe into the world of alcohol-free wheat beers. Compared to the alcoholic versions I felt it was a bit light for a wheat beer but there was a hoppiness background to the flavour which was pleasant and thankfully it wasn’t too bitter.

Aroma & Appearance

Pretty authentic actually and you can certainly pick out the citrus notes. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Erdinger on managing to create an alcohol-free beer whose head doesn’t disappear in six seconds. As you can see it has a light wheat beer colour.

Bonus points

Erdinger may not be gluten-free or vegan friendly but it is a refreshing and tasty beer and as an isotonic drink comes with extras you don’t find in other non-alcoholic beers such as vitamins B9 and B12. You can pick it up from most UK stockists and online retail companies.

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erdinger alkolfrei

Key information

– per 500ml

Type – Wheat beer


Country – Germany

Alcohol content – <0.05%

Calories – 125

Ingredients – water, hops, yeast, malt + vitamins B9 and B12

Vegan friendly? – no

Gluten-free? – no

Availability UK/ EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN – medium

erdinger alcohol-free

Comparing alcohol-free Erdinger Vs the alcoholic version

erdinger beer
erdinger alkolfrei

The original (alcoholic) version of Erdinger aka Erdinger Weissbier Classic is well over 100 years old and continues to please drinkers. Given its relatively high ABV (5.3%) it was always going to have a stronger maltier hit than the alcohol-free version but actually if you like a mellower taste with less bitterness the Alkoholfrei might be a better option for you. They do both look pretty similar but the smell of the Classic is stronger and really has that wheat beer aroma we all love. Overall both are good options but if you don’t want a sore head in the morning then the Alkoholfrei is a great choice.