Drink in the sun ALE

Drink in the sun is an alcohol-free wheat ale from Danish creator Mikkeller. The company Mikkeller was created by a beer-loving Dane teacher Mikkel Bjergsø who began to experiment with different ingredients in his kitchen and soon went on to create one of the worlds leading craft beer brands. Along with strong alcoholic beers, Mikkeller has gone on to create low and no alcohol beers too.

Drink in the sun is one of the new low alcohol beers and is brewed in collaboration with Belgium’s De Proefbrouwerij. To produce a beer that is just 0.3% ABV they use a certain yeast that doesn’t produce much alcohol when it ferments helping to create a unique flavour.

So does this craft beer live up to expectations? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below.

drink in the sun alcohol free

Is Drink in the sun Ale any good?


If you are a fan of intensely hoppy beers with a bitter edge then Drink in the sun ale is going to be perfect for you. Along with the hoppiness, there are undertones of citrus fruits. The carbonation isn’t too bubbly and there’s an underlying sweetness from the malt to help balance off the beer. That said for me, it was just a tad too bitter and I would struggle to drink more than one can. 


Aroma & Appearance

The aroma you get is very hoppy and similar to the flavour in its wort and fruitiness. In the glass, the beer has a golden amber colour and when poured creates a frothy head which soon dissipates. 

Bonus points

Check out the packaging on this beer. Bright, bold colours and interesting characters – very Nordic in style and deserved of some bonus points. This alcohol-free beer is vegan friendly but not suitable for gluten-free drinkers.  It isn’t the easiest beer to find but you can locate Drink in the sun on a few online specialist sites

Buy Drink in the sun beer?

At the time of writing, you can find this beer from a number of alcohol-free specialist retailers including those below. 

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Wise Bartender is a very well-respected alcohol-free retailer with a great selection of booze-free drinks and an easy-to-use site.

COST (at time of publication) – £2.39


drink in the sun alcohol-free
Key information

per 330 ml serving


Country – Belgium

Alcohol content – 0.3%

Calories – 48

Ingredients – water, hops, yeast, barley malt, wheat malt

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability – medium / hard

drink in the sun alcohol free

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-Ernest Hemingway, 1899 – 1961