Stela Alcohol-free beer (Albania)

Stela Birra (not to be confused with the well-known Stella Artois) is a beer from Albania and is part of my holiday collection. I came across this alcohol-free beer when mooching around a supermarket in Saranda, Albania so thought I would give it a try.

Stela Birra is the second most-sold beer in Albania and continues to grow in popularity recently they launched their 0.0% beer to appeal to a wider audience.

Produced natural ingredients and having 0% ABV the question is is this one we need to see exported out of Albania or is best left in the Balkans?  Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

stela beer albania

Is Stela Birra 0% any good?


You know what it ain’t half bad. Given it comes from a region that isn’t exactly renowned for it s beer brewing capabilities (especially not alcohol-free ones) they’ve done a good job with Stela. On first taste you get a some sweetness from the malt with a good balance of bitter hops. Carbonation is also pretty sparkly but not too gassy. Overall a decent non-alcoholic beer from the Albania. 

Aroma & Appearance

Hops dominate the aromas from Stela Birra and in the glass it pours with a medium amber look and a low head. 

Bonus points

This alcohol-free beer will appeal to many given its 0% ABV in addition it is produced and certified in accordance with HALAL standards. When it comes to availability you’ll be lucky to find it outside the Balkans but if you happen to be holidaying there its certainly worth checking out. 

stela 0%
Key information

– Lager

BreweryVirtue Brewing

Alcohol content – 0.0%

Calories – unknown

Ingredients – Barley malt, hops, water

Vegan friendly? – unknown

Gluten-free? – unknown

Availability UK/ EU – hard

Availability US/ CAN– hard

stela beer albania