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YES, is an alcohol-free IPA from Manchester-based brewers First Chop. The idea behind First Chop beers first came about ten years ago when the brewery opened up next to the famous First Chop restaurant (set up by Rik Garner). It’s not any old beer that First Chop focuses on creating but ones that are entirely gluten-free (which is why they perform not one but two gluten-free tests on the beers).

In 2019 First Chop produced their first alcohol-free beer called YES whose packaging was designed by illustrator Stan Chow. In its brewing process, top-quality malted barley and American super hops are used to achieve their unique and refreshing IPA taste.

So was this award-winning, gluten-free, alcohol-free IPA worthy of a place at My Dry Bar? Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

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YES certainly has flavour. Just like a classic American IPA there are bitter notes mixed with hoppy and fruit flavours which all combine to make for a very tasty beer. Carbonation is fairly light but not too weak to be watery so there is some body to this beer. Overall a good AF IPA if a little too bitter. 

Aroma & Appearance

This IPA certainly has a hoppy aroma. As soon as it’s poured out the can you really get a full hit of the hops and malt. As you can see it pours into the glass with a cloudy, amber colour and there is a faint speck of a head. 

Bonus points

The packaging is pretty cool. I love that ‘chopped’ type face. Really imaginative – bonus points for orginality. If you’re someone who avoids gluten at all costs then this is certainly a beer to try. Along with being gluten-free, it is also suitable for vegans. In terms of calories it’s pretty average for an AF beer at 12 per 100ml. It is becoming easier to find this beer but your best chance is at one of the online specialists such as those mentioned below.   


You can find First Chop’s YES IPA at the following online specialists or from First Chop’s site itself. 

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COST (at time of publication) – £34 x 16 cans


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Key information

– per 100ml

Type – IPA

BreweryFirst Chop

Country – UK

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Calories – 12

Ingredients – water, malted barley, wheat, oats, rye, maltodextrun, hops, yeast

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability – medium

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