Vandestreek GrapeFruit IPA

I reviewed my first Vandestreek beer Fun House (a hoppy IPA) a few months ago. It scored pretty well so it was with a decent level of expectation that I tried Vandestreek Grapefruit IPA.

I can’t say I eat many grapefruits as I find them a bit too sour but I was curious to see how these Dutch brewers would use it in their beer. To create this beer Vandestreek have used a variety of hops including (Cascade, Simcoe and Comet) and enhanced them with grapefruit to create an incredibly unique, citrus beer.

So what did I think of Vandestreek’s Grapefruit IPA and is it worth trying? Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

tasting vandestreek ipa

Is Grapefruit IPA any good?


Wowzer. I’ve never tasted a beer like this. Super refreshing with a nice level of fizzy bitterness running through it. Imagine if you were to take a Lilt and enhance it with bitter hops and extra citrus acidity, it’s that the bittersweet taste you can expect when drinking Vandestreek’s Grapefruit IPA. I had it with a Thai green curry and the flavours matched each other perfectly. Refreshing and tasty, both elements I look for in an alcohol-free IPA.

Aroma & Appearance

The aromas given off were very similar to the flavour profile of the beer i.e citrus and hoppy. The beer had a cloudy, amber look to it when poured into the glass and actually had a decent frothy head that lingered for a while. 

Bonus points

With bright and colourful packaging this one certainly stands out. This alcohol-free (o.5% ABV) is vegan-friendly but not gluten-free and is also reasonably high on the calorie front compared to other AF beers. It isn’t the easiest beer to find but there are a number of online specialists who sell Grapefruit IPA.  

Buy Grapefruit IPA

At the time of writing, you cannot find this in many supermarkets however you can purchase this IPA from the alcohol-free specialist retailers below. 

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The Dry Drinker is a great allrounder when it comes to alcohol-free drinks with a great range of wines, beers and spirits.

COST (at time of publication) – £34 x 12


vandestreek grapefruit
Key information

– per 100ml


Country – Netherlands

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Calories – 32

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability – medium/ hard

vandestreek grapefruit ipa

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