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Here at My Dry Bar, each month I take a deep dive into an alcohol-free online retailer … and this month it is the turn of Sober Sauce (Wise Bartender was last month)

Retailers are reviewed across a number of criteria including the selection of drinks available, promotions, site design etc. Overall there is a maximum of 50 points on offer.

A quick summary 

green tick

* Extensive choice of alcohol-free beers

* A fantastic subscription offering with a no-repeat guarantee

* Site is built to discover new beers quickly and effortlessly

red cross

* They only do beer so if you’re after spirits/ cocktails/ wine – look elsewhere.

* No shipping outside the EU

What is Sober Sauce?

adam sober

Online retailer Sober Sauce was created by founder Adam following a  trip to the Netherlands. During his journey there Adam tried out Vandestreek’s Playground and realised there was a world of alcohol-free beers people aren’t aware of but should be … and so Sober Sauce was born.

Sober Sauce specialises in alcohol-free beer which means they can focus on bringing you all the latest and tastiest drinks for you to discover and enjoy. Although you can buy individual beers from the site it is their subscription service – beer club if you will – that differentiates Sober Sauce from other alcohol-free retailers (but more on that later).

When it comes to certified reviews Sober Sauce achieves the following scores:
4.8/ 5 on TrustPilot
5/ 5 on Facebook
Featured on The Guardian, Wired and Metro.

Sober Sauce’s beer selection

sober sauce beers

As you can expect from an alcohol-free beer specialist Sober Sauce has a vast array of beers to choose from … in fact there are over sixty different brewing companies that have stock on the site.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing lager, citrusy IPA or a decadent stout there is going to be the alcohol-free beer for you. What I particularly like about Sober Sauce is that they don’t focus on the mass-produced beers but have a great collection from craft, small-batch brewers.

That said, I did notice quite a few beer options that were out-of-stock. I know it can be tricky to juggle stock whilst at the same time offering customers choice but it would be good to see increased availability.

/ out of max 25

Sober Sauce’s website

sober sauce site

Although the Sober Sauce site is fairly basic in its look and feel, the filtering options are some of the best I’ve seen. If you are looking for a non-alcoholic beer but don’t know where to start then you can use their selection finder which allows you to sort by type, brand, country and dietary requirements.  

Along with the beer selector, they have a section where you can buy mixed cases as well as a section for gifting. Overall a site that is helpful more than a hindrance but don’t expect the bells and whistles of other retailers. 

/ out of max 10

Sober Sauce price and promotions

The beers on Sober Sauce are reasonably prices and if anything is slightly cheaper than other retailers. When it comes to promotions and offers, unlike other alcohol-free specialists, Sober Sauce don’t offer set discounts but instead incentivises customers by offering ‘beer tokens’. Once you created an account you can earn tokens by signing up, placing an order, sharing on social media etc. Tokens can then be redeemed against the likes of shipping and discounts. 

beer tokens

/ out of max 10

Unique features

Sober Sauce’s main USP is its top-notch subscription Beer Club. Not only do they bring you some of the best alcohol-free beers on the market they sometimes have beers exclusive only to beer club members. 

I bought one of their sub boxes (see bel0w) and was very satisfied with the range and types of beers I was sent. There were twelve in all, including the classic Guinness 0.0% and the more bizarre ‘Unlucky Charms’. Another benefit of Sober Sauce’s Beer Club is that unlike others they have a “no-repeats” guarantee, so will never include the same beer twice thus ensuring you can expect the unexpected. Finally, there is the portal that accompanies Club membership which allows you to monitor the tokens you earn as well as add extra beers onto your next order. 

wise drinks

/ out of max 5

Is Sober sauce any good?

/ out of max 50

I would say if you are into alcohol-free beers then Sober Sauce IS the site to use. With their large choice of alcohol-free beers, an easy site to discover beers and a fantastic subscription offering this is an absolute must-try.



Please note the information above is correct as per 16th May 2022. Images taken from Sober Sauce’s site.

The links that direct you to Sober Sauce are affiliate links. This means that if you were to visit the site from my blog and go on to make a purchase I get a small commission which goes into buying more alcohol-free drinks to review 🙂