150 non-alcoholic drink reviews

Wow. I can’t believe I am 150 alcohol-free drink reviews in and still going strong.
What was the 150th review you ask? It was Brunswick Aces, a non-alcoholic gin, which scored a respectable 73/ 100.

MyDryBar originally started out as a bit of fun, a small blog site but over the last couple of years, its become a way of life for me. My alcohol intake is now very minimal (the odd glass of wine here and there) and I predominantly drink alcohol-free beers with a mocktail thrown in now-and-again for good measure.

So what have I learned from so many drink reviews. Well, let’s just look at the stats first.

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MyDryBar in numbers

As mentioned I am now over 150 alcohol-free drinks in and that’s made up of 67% beers (across a range of styles), 3% ciders, 5% cocktails, 15% spirits and 10% wines … across 22 countries.

Although I’ve mainly reviewed beers the top 15 drinks (in terms of highest scoring) were made up of 40% spirits, 40% beers and 20% spirits. The top-scoring drink remains Lyre’s Pink London Spirit, scoring a whopping 91 points, the lowest scoring being McGuigan’s Sauvignon Blanc scoring 29 (avoid).

In general, the top 15 drink list is a good barometer of the quality of the category of non-alcoholic drinks. Over the years I have found that beers are getting a lot better with an amazing array of exciting new flavours. Alcohol-free spirits continue to be great (especially gin and botanicals) and you can easily make a refreshing and tasty gin and tonic.

That said alcohol-free wine still has a long way to go. Without question, sparkling white and rose non-alcoholic wines are easily the most drinkable but there is still work to be done by the industry on improving the texture, flavour and body of the wines.

It is also great to see that the choice available to consumers from the local pub to the supermarket and online specialist has increased exponentially over the past couple of years. Some drinks have almost become legendary in their status with FOMO resulting in low stock levels – examples being Mash Gang beers or alcohol-free Guinness.

Here’s to another 150 reviews

I’ve really enjoyed the past couple of years reviewing alcohol-free drinks and with lots of new producers and brewers coming onto the market, from all four corners of the globe, I am sure I’ll continue to provide honest reviews to all My Dry Bar readers.

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Keep it sober gang.

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