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Here at My Dry Bar, I review all manner of alcohol-free drinks from beers and wine to spirits and cider. For the most part, I personally buy these drinks at pop-up stores or in supermarkets but there are times I use online specialist retailers.

As such I have decided to score the various retailers across a number of criteria (including the selection on offer, promotions, site usage etc) so you’ll know where is best to buy your drinks from. This time around  I am reviewing the alcohol-free online specialist – Wise Bartender.

A quick summary

green tick

* Extensive choice of alcohol-free drinks – especially beers and wine

* A number of great promotions and flash sales

* Site is easily accessible with a useful navigation and responsive design

* Unique offerings such as pop-up bars and snacks

red cross

* Not the most comprehensive of alcohol-free spirit choices

* Filtering options could be improved

* No shipping outside the EU

What is Wise Bartender?

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Online retailer Wise Bartender has been around for a number of years now. It was created by Tom (the wise bartender himself) who wanted a “convenient, easy, reliable way to purchase alcohol-free drinks” which seemed to be lacking in his area – and so the site was born.

Along with creating a blossoming online store full of alcohol-free products (nearly 500!), the Wise Bartender also created their own mobile pop up bar to help spread the word that alcohol-free drinking doesn’t have to be boring. They also created an online sports community #ClubWB and have a blog and various social channels.

When it comes to certified reviews Wise Bartender achieves the following scores:
4.6/ 5 on TrustPilot
4.9/ 5 on Facebook
4.87/ 5 on Reviews

Drink selection 

Alcohol-free Beers and Ciders

alcohol-free beers

When it comes to alcohol-free beers Wise Bartender stocks a fantastic variety from both well-known brands and craft brewers. You’ll get a selection across all beer types including lagers, ales, gluten-free, sour and wheat beers. At the time of writing, there were over 250 different alcohol-free beer products on the site including bespoke packages through to single cans you can purchase. For those into non-alcoholic ciders there were also quite a number of interesting flavoured options to choose from too.

Alcohol-free wine

alcohol-free wines

As expected from an all-rounder like Wise Bartender there is a decent selection of non-alcoholic wines; almost 90 products to choose from. There are wines suitable for most including white, red, rose and sparkling wines (most seem to be in the sparkling and white categories).

Alcohol-free spirits and cocktails

alcohol-free spirits

Overall there is a decent selection of spirits and mixers on Wise Bartender’s site but it isn’t as comprehensive as others. That said expect to find some great artisan, botanical and classic spirit alternatives. Worth noting that WiseBartender does also offer the likes of soda and kombucha too.


As you can Wise Bartender has one of the most comprehensive selections of alcohol-free drinks, especially beers and wines. In addition, they offer a number of other drink types including various sodas and kombucha. One thing that can be a bit disappointing is the availability of stock, for example, in their wine category, 18% of items were out of stock.

/ out of max 25

The website

wise bartender site

The Wise Bartender site is pretty easy to navigate. The various alcohol-free drinks are categorised into the main groups i.e. beers and then there are further sub-menus to dig a bit deeper into more specific products. In addition, there are also menu options for dietary requirements and gifting.

As you can see above, the site itself is bright and colourful with good quality images of the products. There are also useful icons accompanying the images to help you quickly see which drinks are suitable (ie gluten-free). I like the fact that you can see what products are proving popular along with an Instagram feed showing customers enjoying their drinks.

One area for improvement should be the filtering of the drinks. As mentioned above there are hundreds of products to choose from so having a filter to remove ‘out of stock’ products or under spirits the spirits category a filter to find a specific type would be useful.

/ out of max 10

Prices and promotions

st peters offer

Similar to other retailers in a competitive market Wise Bartender advertises regular offers and promotions on their site. There is a scrolling marquee at the top of the site which showcases some deals; at the time of viewing there were offers on UNLTD beer and St Peter’s Without (opposite).  There is also a ‘Deals’ page which features flash sales with some alcohol-free drinks discounted up to 50% on some products!

wise bartender promo

Prices of the available drinks seem on par with other retailers (ie no aggressive markup). When it comes to postage and packaging Wise Bartender offer free 1 – 3 working day delivery (with orders over £49) in the UK. They do supply Europe but no other countries outside this region.

/ out of max 10

Unique features

There’s more to Wise Bartender than just being an online site. One of the most unique areas is their alcohol-free pop-up store (above) which can be rented for all manner of events.

Wise Bartender also offers fantastic monthly subscription boxes across all alcohol-free drink products (from £15.99 – £29.99 per month). This is a great option for those looking to experiment and find new products. I bought a non-alcoholic beer package (below) that had some really interesting brands that I had not tried before including Smashed Citrus and Grapefruit IPA.

wise drinks

Finally, along with drinks, Wise Bartender offer a bunch of accompanying, tasty snacks tailored to the drink including smoked nuts, cheese, olives and even chocolate!

/ out of max 5

Summary of Wise Bartender

/ out of max 50

I am pleased to say Wise Bartender is giving My Dry Bar readers an extra 5% off their purchases. Simply use the following code at the checkout for a discount on their alcohol-free drinks.


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Please note the information above is correct as per 17th  April 2022. Images taken from Wise Bartender’s site.

The links that take you to the Wise Bartender are affiliate links. This means that if you were to visit the Wise Bartender from my blog and go on to make a purchase I get a small commission which goes into buying more alcohol-free drinks to review 🙂