Best drinks for Dry January 2023

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So … did you take your alcohol consumption a bit too excessively over the festive season, a few too many pints, shots, and bottles! Well, you’re not alone and that’s why Dry January has become the phenomenon it is.

Ten years ago (2013) a few people got together and decided to launch Dry January where they quit booze for a month. Since then the idea of giving up alcohol in the new year has become incredibly popular and there are stats that show hundreds of thousands of people are up for the challenge.

I am not going to list the negative impact of alcohol (just Google it) but a month of abstinence will have you looking and feeling better, with improved health, sleeping and alertness. That said when it comes to those who crave the taste of alcohol, what alternatives are there?

At My Dry Bar I’ve reviewed hundreds of different non-alcoholic drinks over the years so you can enjoy the taste of alcohol without any negative impact. Some say it’s ‘cheating’ well I don’t believe it is as essentially these drinks have the same alcoholic content as an overripe banana! That said I do have a selector tool that allows you to select drinks with 0% alcohol.

I’ve listed out some of the top-rated drinks below so get yourself in some bottles and cans and enjoy a sober and healthy January.

Good luck to all those involved.

Best alcohol-free drink for Dry January

  1. Best alcohol-free beer …. LUCKY SAINT
  2. Best alcohol-free spirit  … PINK LONDON SPIRIT
  3. Best alcohol-free sparkling wine … CHATEAU DEL ISH
  4. Best alcohol-free cider … THATCHERS
  5. Best alcohol-free stout …  GUINNESS ZERO

Our recommended alcohol-free beer for Dry January

lucky saint beer

Lucky Saint continues to be a firm favourite of My Dry Bar. If you’ve not already tried this non-alcoholic beer you’re in for a real treat. Lucky Saint is the Dry January choice of alcohol-free beer thanks to its refreshing hoppy taste, making it a perfect accompaniment with a curry. This is a well-deserved multi-award winning beer and you can get it at most supermarkets and pubs. 

Lucky Saint review

Best alcohol-free spirit for Dry January

pink london spirit


If you enjoy a gin and tonic but don’t need the addition of alcohol then Lyre’s Pink Lindon Spirit is a must-try. This alternative to gin not only looks the part but also tastes like a true gin with classic flavours of juniper and pepper expertly blended with a mix of red berries. Simply add a shot of this gin with your favourite tonic, add ice and you have a refreshing alcohol-free GnT.  

Pink London Spirit Review

Best alcohol-free sparkling wine for Dry January

chateau del ish


Being honest with you, alcohol-free wines have been very hit-and-miss over 2022 so I’m looking forward to a stronger 2023. That said if you are participating in Dry January and want a good wine to drink I can recommend Chateau del ish. This non-alcoholic sparkling white wine has the perfect balance of Silvaner and Pinot Blanc grapes making for a refreshing and crisp tipple.   

Chateau del ish review

Best alcohol-free cider for Dry January

thatchers zero cider


You’re probably quite familiar with Thatchers as they have been a creator of ciders for over four generations. Well, they recently launched their alcohol-free cider, Thatchers Zero which has gone down very well. If you are looking for a dry and sharp apple cider that won’t break the Dry January rules then this is for you.  The cider is also both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. 

Thatchers Zero review

Best alcohol-free stout for Dry January

alcohol-free guinness

Guinness 0.0

With the weather closing in and the snow beginning to fall January is notoriously the best month to enjoy a comforting and decadent stout. So what is a stout drinker supposed to do when they’ve given up alcohol over January … grab an alcohol-free Guinness. Guinness 0.0 is one of our favourite drinks on My Dry Bar and is incredibly realistic to the alcoholic sibling. If you are looking for a creamy, bitter treat this month then this is a must-try. 

Alcohol-free Guinness review 

How to choose a drink for Dry January

drink selector

Here at My Dry Bar, we’re one of only a few sites that have personally reviewed alcohol-free drinks across a range of categories from beers and wines to cocktails and ciders.

As such it was a bit of a no-brainer that I create an alcohol-free drink selector that will allow you to quickly and effortlessly find the alcohol-free drink of choice.

Check it out and make Dry January a sober and fun drinking month.