Which alcohol-free beers have the best art?

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of new alcohol-free brands onto the market; from cocktails to beers, ciders and spirits, consumers now have a huge choice.

Given a lot of these brands are new to most people, the challenge these companies have is how to make their brand stand out and increase curiosity with a thirsty public? This is where unique branding comes in … especially important when people still judge a book (or in this case ‘drink’) by its cover.

best beer art

As someone who appreciates well thought out design and branding (it even plays a part in my drinks’ reviews), I thought I would pick out some of my favourite non-alcoholic brands so far. Whether colourful, creative, eccentric or downright weird these drinks companies certainly know how to get your attention.

Best alcohol-free beer art

The alcohol-free beer brewing sector seems to have some of the most creative bunch of people when it comes to packaging and design. Some of the labels and ideas they come up with are really out there. Some brewers offer one-off interesting designs whilst others have collections. Check out some of the great AF branding designs below.


Alcohol-free beer by Good Karma Co

Trippy, colourful and reminiscent of the Beatles LP covers.  Good Karma have a range of cool beer cans that really stand out.

Sleight of hand

Alcohol-free milk stout by Tempest Brewing

Ok, this one is a little creepy but (no pun intended) – it is eye-catching! Although Tempest doesn’t have too many other non-alcoholic beers they do have some great beers labels including this one.



Alcohol-free lager by Lervig

Lervig has created a series of different beer cans each featuring this strange comic character on the hunt for some beer. 


Alcohol-free IPA by Beavertown

Beavertown are known for their bonkers looking cans featuring a range of sci-f graffiti-Esque characters … and Lazer Crush is no exception.


Gelato Berries & Cream

Alcohol-free beer by Funky Fluid

You may be mistaken this is a desert or yoghurt but in fact, Polish brewer Funky Fluids creates beers inspired by Italian ice creams with the tastiest looking labels around.


Henry Gose

Alcohol-free beer by Mikkeller

Mikkeller is a Danish brewer and their beer can designs really stand out thanks to designer Keith Shore’s distinctive labels featuring bold colours and odd-looking caricatures


St Peter's Without

Alcohol-free beer by St Peter’s

St Peter’s have created bottles with real character. The beer bottle is modelled on an original 1770 bottle with thick dark glass creating a gothic, medicinal look.



Alcohol-free ale by Lowtide

Lowtide has created a great number of AF beers and accompanied them with cool designs that have a GTA urban character. We particularly like the Brune DMC with the ghetto blaster and ’80s look.



Alcohol-free IPA by Snorkelers

I really like what Snorkelers have done with their alcohol-free beers. By wrapping them up in newspapers covered with graphic art they have created a distinctive and original look.


Pale Ale

Alcohol-free pale ale by Big Drop 

Although it may look simple in design Vs the others, the big bold colours used in the design is very clever and makes it easy to go through Big Drop’s catalogue of different alcohol-free beers with ease.



Mash Gang are a great bunch of brewers who have come up with some of the most eccentric alcohol-free cans to match their flavours. Similar to mash-up music (ie when two different songs are mixed together) they have done so with famous ingredients. A crazy idea needed crazy branding and voila … the designs below. Brilliant. Most are limited edition so don’t miss out.

mash spiritual

Spiritual Journey

mash unlucky charms

Unlucky Charms

mash transcendence


mash chug beer


mash stoop beer


mash nesquik beer


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