A visit to a London alcohol-free ‘offy’

Well I just had to visit didn’t I … the famous pop-up alcohol-free off-license in London.

In partnership with The Dry Drinker, luxury designer Anya Hindmarch has used her pop-up space to host one of the largest alcohol-free off-licenses.

From a distance, the shop looks just like a typical ‘offy’ you might see on any high street. There are garish pink and yellow post-it notes detailing all sorts of offers on the windows and in the store. However, on closer inspection, you realise all the drinks being advertised are alcohol-free!

anya logo
dry drinker logo
inside pop up alcohol-free

Is the high street becoming alcohol-free?

I entered the store and was greeted enthusiastically by two ladies who were manning the shop. Thanks to the partnership with The Dry Drinker there were a large number of sections showcasing a vast array of alcohol-free products. From wines, spirits, ales, stouts, ciders and aperitifs, they had it covered. It was great to see such as choice when, in reality, when you go to an off-license there may be only a handful of alcohol-free drinks to choose from.

Although it was only a pop-up could this be a sign to come? There is definitely an increase in people looking for alcohol-free drinks but whether that will breakthrough into the high street is anyone’s guess. I ended up buying a number of products from the store (which I am sure will get reviewed on My Dry Bar soon) and headed home.

Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to visit Club Soda’s pop-up store. They used a clever promotion of swapping an unopened bottle of alcohol for a non-alcoholic equivalent but sadly this project is also a pop-up and due to finish shortly.

Let’s hope there are more events around the country that help to raise the profile of alcohol-free drinking and turn the skeptics out there.

You can check out Dry Drinker’s selection of alcohol-free drinks.