Non-alcoholic Christmas drinks

xmas drinking

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas! We only just got around to packing away the tinsel!

Well, the good news is that this year there is arguably the largest choice of non-alcoholic drinks you can enjoy over the festive period. From classic staples to new alcohol-free brands you’re now able to select from sparkling wines and mocktails to non-alcoholic mulled wine to kick off the Christmas festivities.

No longer do those who don’t an alcoholic have to put up with just a glass of water or soft drink, there are now great alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks. Christmas drinks are generally rich, decadent and full of flavour and that’s exactly what the following five drinks all have.

At MyDryBar you’ll find 100s of non-alcoholic drink reviews so you can have a tasty and sober Christmas. We’ve highlighted five of the best festive drinks below.

Best alcohol-free drink for Xmas

  1. Alcohol-free beer …. LUCKY SAINT
  2. Alcohol-free ‘champagne’ … CHATEAU DEL ISH
  3. Non-alcoholic mulled wine … MERRY BERRY
  4. Alcohol-free spirit … COFFEE ORIGINALE
  5. Non-alcoholic stout … GUINNESS ZERO

Best alcohol-free … Xmas beer

lucky saint beer

Lucky Saint is an absolutely fantastic beer, perfect for Christmas lunches. It has a crisp, hoppy taste and is not too carbonated so you can drink a few without a) feeling full or b) worrying about driving home. It’s no wonder it’s a leading alcohol-free beer brand and deserved multi-award winning beer.

Lucky Saint review

Best alcohol-free … sparkling wine for Xmas

chateau del ish


If you, like my family, start Christmas day with a bucks fizz (champagne mixed with orange juice) or simply want something to toast the festivities with then Chateau del ish is a great choice. This alcohol-free sparkling white wine is perfect for Christmas and has crisp and fruity flavours that pair with most meals. One of the rarer non-alcoholic wines I would recommend trying.  

Chateau del ish review

Best alcohol-free … authentic Xmas drink

non-alcoholic mulled wine


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a warm cup of mulled wine. Thankfully for those who enjoy mulled wine but not the alcohol, Sainsbury’s has created a non-alcoholic mulled wine for the festive months. Merry Berry is a punch with traditional flavours and smells such as cloves and cinnamon. This isn’t actually a wine (as it’s made from grape juice) but still gives you Christmas tingles all over. 

Merry Berry review

Best alcohol-free …
Xmas spirit

alcohol-free espresso martini


If you’re into alcohol-free drinks but have not come across Lyre’s range of non-alcoholic spirits then I suggest you check them out. Lyre’s has created a fantastic range of alternatives to alcoholic spirits that taste just like the real thing. One of the spirits is their ‘Coffee Originale’ a coffee liquor. It’s the perfect drink for sipping with a mince pie or creating cocktails with (such as the espresso martini opposite). 

Coffee Originale review

Best alcohol-free … stout for Xmas

alcohol-free guinness

Guinness 0.0

Stouts are one of those drinks that are perfect to enjoy when the temperature has plummeted and the snow is falling outside. Arguably in our opinion Guinness offers the tastiest alcohol-free stout. Creamy and decadent this beer will certainly tick a lot of boxes at Christmas time. 

Alcohol-free Guinness review 

What Alcohol-free drink to choose for Xmas

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Given there are 100s of different alcohol-free drink reviews on My Dry Bar I recommend checking out the alcohol-free drink selector feature.

Simply use the various drink filters to help you find your perfect alcohol-free beer, wine, spirit or cocktail.

Whatever you end up drinking during Christmas we want to wish everyone a fantastic time over the festivities and a fantastic 2023.

Here’s to another great year for alcohol-free drinking.