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LOAH is a specialist alcohol-free brewer based in the UK. Since their creation, they have gone on to create a number of flavoured non-alcoholic beers including a peach beer, a lager with blood orange and the one I had today … a lager lime

To help create unique-tasting fruity beers they use carefully selected hops which are then enhanced with natural fruit flavours to create tasty and refreshing beers with only 0.5% ABV. With this lime-infused beer LOAH has used classic citrusy centennial hops which adds a much needed zing. 

So, are Loah beers worthy of a place on My Dry Bar? Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

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Is LOAH beer any good?


Over the years I’ve had a number of fruity alcohol-free beers and thankfully Loah is one of the better ones. Perfect on a summer’s day or combined with a Mexican meal this beer has a great combo of bitter hops as well as a sweet and sour lime flavour. The body is pretty decent and is not too carbonated meaning I ended up enjoying a couple without feeling full. Overall a tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic beer.

Aroma & Appearance

Once poured into the glass the aromas you get are sharp citrus scents. In the glass, it pours with a light amber colour with a short frothy head on top.  

Bonus points

Loah seems to be big on culture and collaborates with artists and musicians which is great to see. Their beers are also suitable for most drinkers as they are low-sugar, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. This is an indie beer company so don’t expect to find it on supermarket shelves. Your best bet is to buy it via an online specialist. 

Buy Loah alcohol-free beer

At the time of writing, you can buy this non-alcoholic flavoured beer from the retailers below. 

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Wise Bartender is a very well-respected alcohol-free retailer with a great selection of booze-free drinks and an easy-to-use site.


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Key information

– per 100ml

Type – Fruity Beer

Brewery  – LOAH

Country – UK

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Calories – 13


Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability – medium

loah beer

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-Seneca, AD 50 BC