Infinite Session IPA


Name – Infinite IPA
Brewer – Infinite Session
Type – non-alcoholic beer
Alcohol content – 0.5%
MyDryBar Rating – 70/100
Drink review – Infinite IPA was a very decent alcohol-free IPA that is certainly worth space within your refrigerator. The taste was citrusy and fruity and paired well with my Thai green curry. Overall a recommended non-alcoholic beer and such gets a thumbs up from MyDryBar.

Infinite Session are a fairly new London-based brewery focusing on a variety of alcohol-free beers including a lager, pale and the IPA tried and tasted below.

Like an increasing number of other brewers Infinite Session IPA uses a ‘dry-hopping’ technique which in essence means that the essential oils normally lost in the brewing are maintained, with the result of a beer packed full of flavour.

I am a big fan of alcohol-free IPAs so how did the Infinite Session offering come out?

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Is infinite session ipa any good?


Overall this was certainly a refreshing and enjoyable IPA beer. Although it is has a low alcohol content (just 0.5%) it had most of the hallmarks you expect to find when drinking an IPA beer. The beer was hoppy with a citrusy kick and a zesty after-taste which complimented it; that said it was a bit light in the body compared to other IPA’s. It also wasn’t too carbonated which is sometimes the case with other similar products.

Aroma & Appearance

Infinite Session had a subtle fruity aroma which personally I would have liked to be a bit stronger. The colour of the ale is a cloudy-ish amber but I found the head did not last as long which is unfortunate.

Bonus points

Although Infinite Session IPA is vegan friendly it isn’t gluten-free. One plus with this beer is that it has a remarkably low-calorie count (something Infinite Session try to achieve for all their beers) so you can have a few without fretting about the extra pounds! Surprisingly it wasn’t available in many of the leading supermarkets which is a shame but you can find it on some beer specialist sites.

Buy Infinite Session IPA

At the time of writing, you can purchase this IPA from Asda and Sainsbury. You can also find this beer from the following alcohol-free retail specialists below.

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The Dry Drinker is a great allrounder when it comes to alcohol-free drinks with a great range of wines, beers and spirits.

COST (at time of publication) – £17 X 8


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Key information

– per 330ml

Type – pale ale

BreweryInfinite Session

Country – UK

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Calories – 36

Ingredients – yeast, barley malt, wheat, oats, hops water

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability – medium

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