Fizzero, alcohol-free sparkling wine


Drink – Fizzero
Type – non-alcoholic rose wine
Alcohol content – 0.0%
Rating– 69/100
Review – There aren’t a huge number of non-alcoholic wines that are pretty tasty but thankfully Fizzero is one of them. This drink has a ton of flavour and its carbonation makes it perfect for a summer BBQ or celebration.

Fizzero is an interesting alcohol-free sparkling wine I came across when I was shopping on Ocado. The wine is a product from Australia and has been years in the making – the outcome being a perfectly balanced Rose and Sparkling White wine

Unlike other manufacturers of non-alcoholic wine they use a tried and tested method of bacterial fermentation of grape juice which (although doesn’t sound tasty!)  does not create alcohol in the process but still provides a drink with wine-like qualities and aromas.

I tried the Fizzero rose wine which has an added element of green tea for bitterness and organic black carrot for a subtle spicy sweetness. So the question is, is it a rose to bring in summer or one destined for the sink?

drinking fizzero

Is alcohol-free Fizzero any good?


Actually, Fizzero is a pretty-tasting drink and easily passable as an alcohol-free sparkling rose. You definitely get some interesting bittersweet notes underpinned by a level of sweetness. I also like the carbonation levels which add to its refreshing nature. Personally, I would have liked a sour element to help balance it but on the whole, it is a decent alternative to an alcoholic wine.

Aroma & Appearance

When you pop the cork on this non-alcoholic sparkling wine you certainly get fizzy aromas of grape and citrus fruits. In the glass, it pours with a medium rose colour with a low level of carbonation. 

Bonus points

Unlike a number of alcohol-free wines, this product genuinely has zero alcohol so great for those who want to be completely alcohol-free. It is also one of the healthiest non-alcoholic wines with relatively low sugars; suitable for gluten-free and vegan drinkers. Availability-wise it isn’t that easy to find if you are outside UK or Australia.

Buy Fizzero

At the time of writing, you can buy this wine from Ocado or check Fizzero’s site for stockists.  

Key information

– per 100ml

Type – sparkling wine

Producer – Fizzero

Country – Australia

Alcohol content – 0.0%

Calories – 22

Ingredients – Carbonated Water, Non-Alcoholic Fermented Grape Juice Concentrate (10%), Green Tea Infusion (0.5%), Acids (Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Tannic Acid), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Dimethyl Dicarbonate), Natural Flavouring

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability UK/ EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN – hard


fizzero rose

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