Fluere alcohol-free Spirits


Name – Fluere Non-alcoholic Spirits
Producer – Fluere
Type – non-alcoholic spirit
Alcohol content – 0.0%
MyDryBar Rating – na
Drink review – Fluere are a Dutch company who have created several non-alcoholic spirits including Original (botanical-based),  Raspberry, Smoked Agave and Spiced Cane.

FLUÈRE was created by Dutchman Léon, who, like many other founders of alcohol-free products wanted a drink that had a sociability factor without clouding the mind. Since its conception, four variants of FLUERE spirits have been bought to the market.

There’s FLUERE Original, a botanical-based non-alcoholic spirit, perfect with tonic and ice. FLUERE Raspberry which includes juniper, lime peel and coriander as ingredients.  FLUERE Smoked Agave which is distilled using real smoked hickory wood. Finally, there is FLUERE Spiced Cane, a very popular option with notes of chocolate and coffee and which I am most excited to try.

To produce the finest taste sensation FLUERE uses hydrosteam distillation to gently distill the ingredient and then goes on to be blended by Dutch master blenders. You can see that a lot of time and craft has gone into the creation of these spirits.


fluere spiced cane

Buy Fluere Non-alcoholic spirits

At the time of writing, you can only buy Fluere’s range of spirits in both Europe and US. Check out some of the retailers below. 

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fluere samples

Image courtesy of Fluere

Is FLUERE’s non-alcoholic spirits any good?

I have yet to personally taste Fluere spirits but hope to do so soon.

In the meantime, for some quick insight into how good this alcohol-free spiced cane spirit is, I have listed their current reviews from Amazon.

Check out Fluere on Amazon


  • SCORE - 3.7 / 5

Information correct as of 5th May 2023

Key information on FLUERE Cane Spirit

Type – Non-alcoholic spirit

BreweryFluere Drinks

Country – Netherlands

Alcohol content – <0.05%

Calories – unknown

Ingredients – various

Vegan friendly? – unknown

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability in UK/EU – medium

Availability in US/CAN – medium


fluere spiced cane
alcohol-free old fashioned

Image and recipe from Fluere. Check out their site for a unique and tasty collection of mocktail ideas.

Alcohol-free Old Fashioned


-60 ml FLUÈRE Spiced Cane Dark Roast

-10 ml orange syrup

-4 dashes chocolate-bitter


-Lowball / rocks glass


1/ Gather all ingredients together and add them to a mixing glass.

2/ Stir for 10 seconds and pour into a rock glass over a big ice block.

3/ Garnish with chocolate and orange peel.

Enjoy 🙂