Brunswick Aces Sapiir Review


DrinkBrunswick Aces Sapiir
Type – non-alcoholic gin
Alcohol content – 0.0%
Rating– 73/100
Review – Brunswick Aces Sapiir gin makes for a great non-alcoholic gin alternative thanks to its citrus flavours. Enjoy it with some ice and your favourite tonic for a refreshing cocktail.

First of all, let me highlight to my readers that this is review number 150 … yes 150! I can’t believe I’ve got through so many drinks … and still don’t have a hangover. I’ll be writing up some thoughts on what I’ve learned so far but in the meantime let me introduce Brunswick Aces.

So … Brunswick Aces. What’s it all about then? Well, Brunswick Aces, is a non-alcoholic drinks producer from down under. Since their creation in 2017, they have gone on to produce Australia’s first non-alcoholic spirit brand as well as open Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar and bottle shop.

‘Sapiir’, is an alcohol-free gin produced by Brunswick Aces (name = clear). There are three variants – each with their own taste – including Hearts, Spades and Diamonds (the one I tried today).

They only use the finest quality botanicals to make their gin and expertly blend the ingredients to create this unique flavour profile; Diamonds profile has a more floral, zesty vibe to it. 

I actually mixed a double shot of Sapiir with a bottle of Fever Tree’s aromatic tonic water (hence the pink colour) as well as ice to make a refreshing gin and tonic.

So … is this 150th drink review one to remember? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below to find out.

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Is Brunswick Aces spirit any good?


This non-alcoholic GntT was pretty tasty indeed. Brunswick Aces Sapiir certainly has an interesting flavour that is hard to nail down but you can pick out more citrus, and tangy notes. The tonic certainly helps to bring the drink to life – I tried it without and it lacked the body. Overall though a recommended alternative to a non-alcoholic gin and makes for a refreshing cocktail.

Aroma & Appearance

There are certainly strong lemon aromas coming from the bottle when you take a whiff. Sapiir itself is clear, it is only pink in the images as I added the tonic. 

Bonus points

Sapiir is going to be suitable for most drinkers with zero alcohol and suitable for vegans. The bottle is also very impressive, the graphics have a look of elegance and the cap can be used as a shot measure too. 

Buy Brunswick Aces

Brunswick Aces have a decent shipping network so it’s best to check out availability from their site. Alternatively, check out availability from the online specialist site below.  

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COST (at time of publication) – £25


Key information

Type –  gin

Brewery  – Brunswick Aces

Country – Australia

Alcohol content – 0%

Calories – unkown

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability UK/ EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN – hard


brunswick aces

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.”
-Seneca, AD 50 BC