Alcohol-free Birra Moretti


DrinkBirra Moretti Zero
Type – non-alcoholic lager
Alcohol content – <0.05%
Rating– 62/100
Review – If you’re looking for a fairly generic lager that isn’t going to offend then Birra Moretti is a good choice. It is one of those non-alcoholic lagers that won’t blow your socks off but will make a nice accompaniment to a takeaway or summer BBQ. One to try out but not the cream of the crop either.

It’s unlikely you haven’t seen Birra Moretti in one form or another given its enormous growth in the UK. Alcohol-free Birra Moretti (also known as Zero)has quite the pedigree as it’s produced in one of Italy’s oldest breweries (back in 1859). In 1996 the beer was bought by the Heineken company which has helped it to become a fairly prevalent brand.

In 2019 Birra Moretti decided to launch an alcohol-free lager named Zero to much acclaim. This was great news for the alcohol-free fans but before you decide to taste test, have a read of what I thought of this non-alcoholic lager below.

drinking birrra moretti alcohol free

Is Alcohol-free Birra Moretti any good?


To be honest, it’s fairly generic in its taste. Yes, you can taste malty elements and a subtle bitterness to it but there isn’t much else going on, a bit watery and sweet more my liking. If you enjoy the taste of a light carbonated lager then Moretti Zero would be acceptable, if not then look elsewhere.

Aroma & Appearance

When poured Moretti Zero looked and smelt remarkably similar to its alcoholic brother. There was quite a strong aroma of lemons and hops which gives you the perception that you’re drinking the alcoholic version. There was a decent head when first poured into a glass but alas it didn’t last too long.

Bonus points

Birra Moretti Zero is fairly low in sugar and calories which is a plus but isn’t gluten-free. Due to their Heinken connection, this alcohol-free lager can be found in a large array of supermarkets. 

Buy Alcohol-free Birra Moretti

At the time of writing, you can purchase this alcohol-free lager from a large range of supermarkets. There are also a number of online specialists including the ones below.

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birrra moretti alcohol free

Key information

– per 330ml

BreweryBirra Moretti

Country – Italy

Alcohol content – <0.05%

Calories – 66

Ingredients – water, barley malt, hops, natural flavouring

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

birra moretti alcohol-free

Comparing alcoholic Birra Moretti vs the non-alcoholic version

birra moretti
Which is better
birrra moretti alcohol free

Both the alcoholic and the alcohol-free versions of Birra Moretti share similarities from the citrus smell to the light, amber colour. Of course, the alcoholic version is higher in sugars and also alcohol (4.6% ABV) and the Zero version is certainly sweeter but overall if you enjoyed the alcoholic version and wanted to try Zero it is a decent alternative.