Where to find alcohol-free wine

Although alcohol-free wine has had a poor reputation in the past, over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the quality of these wines making them a tasty alternative to alcoholic ones. The question that arises is where to buy alcohol-free wine?

A lot of people still believe alcohol-free wine is in fact grape juice. This is simply not the case. The vast majority of alcohol-free wines are made just like traditional wines with grapes being picked, crushed, fermented and aged. The difference comes with the fact the alcohol is then removed via a number of clever techniques including reverse osmosis, vacuum distillation and spinning cone. This is also the reason why alcohol-free wines aren’t as cheap as some may imagine.

Due to the fact a relatively high volume of alcohol needs to be removed from wine (compared to beer) it does have an impact on texture, flavour, balance and aroma. That’s why drinking alcohol-free wine can be quite hit and miss. Make sure you check out  (just look at the various taste tests to observe the differences in quality).

Alcohol-free wine retailers

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a wider selection of alcohol-free drinks including wines then an online retailer would be recommended. These sites offer a significant collection of different wines from both well-known and smaller producers.

The two retailers I recommend using are Wise Bartender and The Dry Drinker. They both offer a great range of sparkling, red, white and rose alcohol-free and low alcohol wines.  Both sites have easy-to-navigate sites and generally a small number of reviews to help you decide on what wine is worth buying (just in case we haven’t yet tried it).


the dry drinker wines

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The Dry Drinker is one of our favourite online retailers due to its vast collection of AF drinks. When it comes to alcohol-free wines they offer over 50 products including organic wines, sparkling varieties, and mixed cases of non-alcoholic wine. As a great generalist, The Dry Drinker has a strong collection of beers, ciders and spirits if you want to experiment with other AF products.


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wise bartender wines

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Wise Bartender is a well-established alcohol-free site that offers a vast array of drinks including a very strong collection of wines. They allow you to easily navigate to the type of wine you are looking for and even offer snack suggestions to accompany the wines. So whether it’s an alcohol-free rose from a small producer or perhaps a bottle of Adnams Cabernet you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.


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drizly offer

If you are based in the United States then a good option for you is Drizly. They are one of the leading delivery services when it comes to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Drizly has one of the best selections of alcohol-free wines (especially wines from the States) and its definitely worth checking out if your’re looking for a Chardonnay’s or Sauvignon’s.


Best supermarkets for alcohol-free wine

Since 2021 we’ve begun to see supermarkets increasing their offering when it comes to alcohol-free wine. Some supermarkets are significantly better than others when it comes to selection (see which supermarket has the most alcohol-free drinks). The two I recommend due to their selection are Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

Both these supermarkets have far and away the better choice for those looking for a wide range of non-alcoholic wine. In fact, at last count, Ocado had over 40 different wines to choose from which is incredibly impressive especially when you discover  Asda and Tesco only had 1!


alcohol-free wine ocado

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Ok, they may not have a ‘physical’ store but Ocado is hands-down the best supermarket when it comes to alcohol-free choice. When I last checked they had over 125 different products to choose from including 40 different wines.

You can find all manner of alcohol-free wines on Ocado including brands such as Belle & CO, Eisberg and McGuigan as well as M&S’ own brands. From non-alcoholic Rose through to Cabernet Sauvignon they are defiantly worth checking out.

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sainsburys alcohol-free wine

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Sainsbury’s have made a real effort to offer their customers a great selection of alcohol-free wine. You won’t find as many as Ocado but then again Sainsbury’s AF wine needs to share its shelf space with the alcoholic varieties.

Sainsbury’s have around 15 different products on offer from classic brand such as Torres Natureo and McGuigan as well as their own red or white own brand wine. It’s definitely worth popping into for a look at their alcohol-free options if you happen to be passing one of their stores.

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Alcohol-free pop up stores

taste testing alcohol-free

 If you are lucky enough to hear about any alcohol-free pop-up stores then I strongly advise getting down there as they are a great way to not only stock up on interesting wines and talk to an expert but generally speaking you can try the product too. I recently visited the Club Soda pop-up in London and ended up taking home four bottles of wine.

So there you have it. Four different retailers of alcohol-free wines. Sure, you can find non-alcoholic wines from other sites and stores but the variety is generally disappointing. Make sure you have a read-up on our alcohol-free wine reviews before making any decision; we don’t want you drinking any old rubbish.