Alcohol-free Stella


Drink – alcohol-free Stella
Type – lager
Alcohol content – 0.0%
Rating– 62/100
Review – Ok, so alcohol-free Stella isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. If you enjoy Stella and have given up alcohol then this is a great alternative and to be honest, if you want a fairly basic alcohol-free lager then it is also a decent choice. I found it a bit sweet and lacked some of the bitterness and bite from Stella but overall they’ve done a decent job.​

So it was about time I tried out alcohol-free Stella. Why haven’t I tried it before this time? Well to be honest I wasn’t a particularly big fan of the full strength beer so it was put on the backburner. That said there was an offer in the local supermarket so I bought a couple of bottles of Stella home to try for My Dry Bar readers.

Stella Artois is owned by drinks giants AB InBev who have poured millions into promoting their range of alcohol-free drinks including of course Stella as well as Becks and Budweiser. They make alcohol-free Stella in Belgium using standard beer making ingredients water, hops and malted barley but also add sugar and natural flavourings. However, once brewed, the beer then has its alcohol removed making it a 0% alcohol beer.

So does Stella’s non-alcoholic beer deserve a coveted place on My Dry Bar? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below to find out.

driking alcohol-free stella

Is alcohol-free Stella any good?


You know what, it wasn’t actually too bad. There are certainly similarities in taste with alcoholic Stella and I found it to be a refreshing and pleasant alcohol-free beer. Although the alcohol has been removed you’re still able to pick out the hoppy bitterness and a subtle citrus flavour but the one downside for me is that it is a bit too sweet for my liking.

Aroma & Appearance

Stella Artois has done a good job in replicating the aromas from the full strength beer so expect notes of malt and citrus fruits. In the glass, it looks pretty similar to the original although there isn’t as much of a frothy head. 

Bonus points

Alcohol-free Stella is certainly a lot healthier than alcoholic Stella as it is low in sugar, has no alcohol and is vegan friendly. Worth noting that it is not gluten-free (although Stella does sell gluten-free beer that contains alcohol). As you can expect from a brand name like Stella you can find this non-alcoholic beer at a number of supermarkets as well as online retailers. 

Buy alcohol-free Stella Artois

At the time of writing, you can buy this alcohol-free lager from most supermarkets as well as from the online specialist below.  

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alcohol-free stella
Key information

– per 330ml

Type – lager

BreweryStella Artois

Country – Belgium

Alcohol content – 0.0%

Calories – 60

Ingredients – water, malted barley, hops, sugar, natural flavours

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – yes

Availability – medium

non-alcoholic stella

Alcoholic Stella vs non-alcoholic version

stella beer
Which is better
alcohol-free stella

Alcohol-free Stella certainly shares similarities with alcoholic Stella such as the bitter hop flavours but the alcoholic version’s bitterness is a lot more dominant and significantly less sweet. To be fair though alcoholic Stella is currently 4.6% ABV whilst alcohol-free Stella is 0% so you’ll never get a perfect like-for-like comparison. In the glass, it does have a similar aroma but you can tell the difference in looks as the full strength Stella is more carbonated and has a frothy head. Overall AB InBev has given it a good go at recreating alcohol-free Stella but a few changes here and there could make a big difference.