Engage Fuzz Pedal

Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room … who came up with that name!  Whatever the reason Engage Fuzz Pedal is an alcohol-free beer from small-batch East London brewers One Mile End. They were founded back in 2014 and have since gone on to build up quite a following especially for their Imperial Farmhouse beer (10% ABV!).

Engage Fuzz Pedal is an ale that takes no prisoners with plenty of hop and citrus flavours. As their site says they use a heady combination of punchy Galaxy hops along with the classic Citra to create quite a tantalising beer.

So was this floor-to-the-floor fuzz pedal action or one that stalled on the way? Well, you’ll just need to read the review below to find out.

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Is Engage Fuzz Pedal any good?


As expected with the combination of hops that One Mile End uses, Engage Fuzz Pedal is certainly a hoppy and bitter ale. At first, there is quite the bitterness to the beer but after a couple of glugs, you do get background citrus pushing through. To be honest I like my ales bitter and hoppy but truth be told this is a bit too much for me as there isn’t really any respite. That said if this is the experience you’re looking for then it’s a good choice. 

Aroma & Appearance

When you pop the can you certainly get a whiff of those hops with a background of lemon and grapefruit aromas. In the glass, it pours with a cloudy, amber light amber look and probably the frothiest head of any alcohol-free beer I’ve tried (just look at that photo above). 

Bonus points

I can’t find a huge amount of info on this beer (neither on the can or site) so am not able to tell you if it’s vegan-friendly or gluten-free. It is also rather tricky to find (Googling ‘Fuzz Pedal’ gives you all sorts of strange results) – best to buy it from the brewer’s site. 

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Key information

typical serving size – 100ml

BreweryOne Mile End

Country – UK

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Ingredients – HOPS (CITRA / GALAXY)

Vegan friendly? – unknown

Gluten-free? – unknown

Availability – hard

engage fuzz pedal

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