Lucky Saint Hazy IPA


Name – Hazy IPA
Producer – IPA
Type – non-alcoholic IPA
Alcohol content – 0.5%
MyDryBar Rating – 83/100
Drink review – This non-alcoholic IPA by Lucky Saint manages to capture the essence of a traditional IPA, proving that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy the bold flavors associated with the style. With a bitter hoppy background balanced with sweet malty flavours this is certainly one of the best IPA drinks I’ve reviewed.

Lucky Saint was one of the first non-alcoholic beers I reviewed a few years back and it ended up being one of my most highly rated beers so I was very excited to see they launched another drink – an non-alcoholic hazy IPA.

Given all the extensive marketing and the fact you can now get Lucky Saint on tap in a number of pubs I am hoping you’ve had heard of them. If not, Lucky Saint was set up by Luke from London who wanted to create the fresh tasting beers of Germany, using classic brewing techniques but removing the alcohol. Since their creation Lucky Saint has won many awards and is now officially the UK’s number one independent alcohol-free beer/

Unlike the original lager that used Hallertau hops Lucky Saint’s IPA is brewed with both Pale Malts and New World Hops to create that quinessential IPA bittersweet flavours. This non-alcoholic IPA is also under 60 kcal’s per can and contains no additives or flavourings.

So the question is does Lucky Saint’s new IPA stack up against its award-winning sibling? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below to find out.

drinking lucky saint IPA

Is Lucky Saint Hazy IPA Any Good?


Well the good news is that this Lucky Saint beer doesn’t disappoint. Upon the first sip you get a well-balanced blend of hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Thanks to the inclusion of New World hops, the hop character is pronounced, delivering a refreshing combination of piney and citrusy notes. Just like their lager this IPA is a beer I would happily drink and enjoy when I’m longing for a beer. 

Aroma & Appearance

Similar to other non-alcoholic IPA’s its the hops that dominate the aroma when you crack open a can of Hazy IPA. As you can see from the photo of me driking Lucky Saint, it pours with a cloudy light amber colour and there is a generous frothy head to enjoy.

Additional Info

This IPA should suit most non-alcoholic drinkers as its just 0.5% ABV, suitable for vegans and sugar-free. Availability-wise it is a little scarcer than Lucky Saint lager as its quite new but I am hoping to see it around more often. 

Buy Lucky Saint IPA

At the time of writing, your best bet to find a can of this beer is via an online specialist such as the one below.  

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lucky saint ipa beer
Key information

per 330 ml serving


BreweryLucky Saint

Alcohol content – 0.5%

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability UK/ EU – medium

Availability US/ CAN– hard

lucky saint ipa