Dry Drinker Review

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To celebrate the upcoming 150th alcohol-free drink review I’ve decided to review the UK’s number one no and low alcohol specialist retailer – DRY DRINKER.

I’ve bought from them a number of times and regular readers would be familiar with their logo as I generally give Dry Drinker coverage on my reviews thanks to their vast selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

What is Dry Drinker?

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Dry Drinker is the brainchild of Stuart Elkington (opposite) who, for over six years, has been hunting down and bringing to you a handpicked selection of premium alcohol-free drinks.

Stuart himself has over 25 years of experience working in the drinks industry and certainly knows his ‘onions’. In fact, it’s said his palate for non-alcoholic drinks is so well-known and trusted in the industry that specialist breweries ask his opinion on new flavour profiles.

Since its launch a few years ago Dry Drinker has gone on to be the UK’s leading alcohol-free specialist retailer and now has 100s of different products online from wines and beers to spirits and mood-enhancing concoctions. 

Dry Drinker’s alcohol-free beers

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When it comes to non-alcoholic beers Dry Drinker offers one of the most extensive collections. They have beers across a wide range of styles from IPAs and wheat beers through to stouts and blonde beers.

Currently, there are over 180 different beer products to choose from. Each has its own dedicated page that brings to life some of the qualities of the beer. Put it simply, you’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive collection of alcohol-free beers to choose from.

Check out all the non-alcoholic beer options

Dry Drinker’s alcohol-free wine

Again, Dry Drinker doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the selection of non-alcoholic wines on offer. Using their filters you can discover wines from specific countries and even by the grape variety.

Currently, there are over 90 different wine products to choose including award-winning sparkling wines through to hand-selected regional collections.

Check out all the non-alcoholic wine options

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Dry Drinker’s alcohol-free spirits

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Alcohol-free spirits and mood-enhancing drinks (think CBD) have come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and Dry Drinker has capitalised on this trend. They now offer over 50 different products ranging from pre-mixed cocktails to alcohol-free spirit alternatives. One thing that is missing is a collection of tonics to add to your spirit but at the end-of-the-day they are easy enough to pick up. 

Check out their collection of alcohol-free spirits

/ out of max 30

Prices and promotions

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Arguably this is one of the areas that personally I think could be improved on. The issue I have with Dry Drinker is that (unlike many other retailers) you can’t purchase a single beer but need to buy a minimum number; for example a minimum of 8 cans. This is the reason their ‘from’ prices are so high as you can’t buy a single can.

The only way to pick your own is by using their pick-your-own offer. An interesting initiative but there is still a minimum of 12 bottles from £22.

It is worth noting that Dry Drinker does have a subscription offer where you can save 5% for repeat buys.

/ out of max 10

Dry Drinker site review 

dry drinker site review

The Dry Drinker site is easily one of the best alcohol-free specialist sites. Navigation is pretty easy with all the drink categories at the top which can then be filtered further by sub-types. For each specific product images are clear and the nutritional information on offer is useful and precise.

/ out of max 5

Unique features

There aren’t a huge number of innovations to Dry Drinker but I do like their pick-and-mix offering; great for those who simply can’t make their mind up.

A few other points of note include them having one of the most extensive collections of mood-enhancing drinks aka ‘benefit and needs’ which is certainly a burgeoning area.

Dry Drinker also have some fantastic curated party packs where they’ve picked bundles of wines/ beers that are perfect for celebrations.

pick and mix

/ out of max 5

So … is Dry Drinker any good?


/ out of max 50

Overall if you live in the UK and are looking for an established site that can give you the widest selection of alcohol-free drinks across all categories … then Dry Drinker should be your destination of choice. With over 300 – yes 300! – different non-alcoholic drinks to choose from you are going to need a bigger fridge!



Please note the information above is correct as of 23rd May 2023. Images were taken from DryDrinker site.

The links that direct you to DryDrinker are affiliate links. This means that if you were to visit the site from my blog and go on to make a purchase I get a small commission which goes into buying more alcohol-free drinks to review 🙂