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proof no more

Last month you may remember I reviewed the retailer Sober Sauce, well this month we’ve gone Stateside and taken a look under the hood of online alcohol-free specialist Proof No More.

What is Proof No More?

proof no more founders

Proof No More was set up by three chaps who were getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of non-alcoholic products available to the US market (especially when compared to the European market).

The three chaps in question were Christian Blake, Ed Carino and Lars Dahlhaus and together they decided to take matters into their own hands and created Proof No More. It has now gone on to be one of the US’ leading alcohol-free specialist retailers with a large inventory to choose from and a range of interesting options for alcohol-free drinkers.

Alcohol-free drink selection

alcohol-free beer selection

Alcohol-free beers

As expected Proof No More’s collection of alcohol-free beers is the most comprehensive of any drink category. You’ll find beers from across the globe including some well-known beers from the likes of Sober Carpenter and Guinness and Athletic Brewing to more obscure beers from Untitled, Atmos and Woodland Farms. At last count, there were over 50 different bottles and cans to choose from so I’m sure you’ll be able to dig out the perfect beer.

Alcohol-free spirits

The range of alcohol-free spirits and aperitifs on offer is somewhat limited compared to their beer selection. Most of the classic spirits from Lyre’s and CleanCo are advertised and a couple I’ve not come across before include Fluere and DHOS spirits. Overall not a bad selection for a beginner but missing some more ‘curious’ finds.

Alcohol-free wine

Finding a decent alcohol-free wine is always a challenge. The good news is that Proof No More has a strong collection of wines from sparkling wines through to classic red, white and rose bottles. You’ll find offerings from the likes of Buonafide through to Surely Wines and you can choose to buy as a single bottle or larger packs for special occasions. 

/ out of max 25

Proof No More website

proof no more site

The Proof No More site isn’t complex or too fussy but easy to navigate and useful when looking for a specific drink category. That said it is a bit basic when looking at, for example, the beer section as you can’t choose between IPA, stouts or lagers (just by the ABV). Overall though it will suit most users and was pretty responsive on mobile too. One point would be the pop-up which kept getting in the way, a bit irritating guys. 

/ out of max 10

Prices and promotions

proof no more sale

The prices on Proof No More seem more or less in line with other alcohol-free retailers and they do offer customers the chance to buy a single can or packs. Other points to note are that they do have a sales section where you can find some decent discounts on beers, wines and spirits. In addition, you’ll get free shipping (in the States) if you spend over $99. 

/ out of max 10

Unique features

proof no more sub

Proof No More has a number of extra’s I’ve not yet mentioned above.

1/ They have a great subscription box model where you can receive a non-alcoholic craft beer box, alcohol-free wine selection or a mixology box sent to your door every month. Prices for a sub box start from just $54.99 along with a free gift and free shipping.

2/ Proof No More also has a number of CBD products for sale (in its own section) so if you’re looking for water, tonic or beer mixed with CBD then check out their strong selection.

3/ Finally it is worth mentioning that Proof No More has a range of gift cards on offer. So, if you know of any drinkers who have shied away from alcohol but still enjoy a beer or cocktail then this is a great gift idea.

/ out of max 5

So … is Proof No More any good?


/ out of max 50

Overall if you reside in America and enjoy drinking alcohol-free drinks then Proof No More is a great retailer. With a strong selection of beers and other non-alcoholic products, as well as an easy-to-use site and subscription model, it should definitely be a destination stop for you. Discover the life of alcohol-free drinking today and …



Please note the information above is correct as per 25th July 2022. Images were taken from Proof No More’s site.

The links that direct you to Proof No More are affiliate links. This means that if you were to visit the site from my blog and go on to make a purchase I get a small commission which goes into buying more alcohol-free drinks to review 🙂