The London Alcohol-Free Comedy Club

Most of my readers know that I am not a teetotaller and enjoy a drink on rare occasions however, I also like to get involved in non-alcoholic activities. As such when my friend Nikki bought me a ticket to The London Alcohol-Free Comedy Club ( I thought I would give it a go.

If you’ve not heard of this company it was started almost five years ago by Martyn Davies, and is fast becoming London’s biggest (and most regular) alcohol-free event. Why the comedy twist? Well, Martyn had been working on the comedy circuit for some for 15 years, and when he stopped drinking decided to create the alcohol-free comedy club.


Image courtesy of Soberisfun

The main event

I met Nikki and her Lucid London gang one Sunday afternoon at the Backyard Comedy Club (Bethnal Green, London). Along with ourselves, there were a decent number of people who had booked tickets to the gig with people ranging from the young to the old mingling in the ‘social bar’ before the gig began.

I’m not going to lie I’ve never been to a standup event sober and the atmosphere was different but once the crowd got into the swing of it the laughter soon flowed. Acts included the likes of Joe Handley and Rosie Wilby. There was also a very decent collection of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from including beers, wine and spirits, I had a couple of Lucky Saints.

Overall it was a fun few hours where I met some really interesting people and watched some fantastic comedy – what’s not to like??

Martyn and James

Martyn (founder) on left and James (Mr My Dry Bar)

Check out the London Alcohol-free Comedy Club

Since its inception, The Alcohol-Free Comedy Club has been featured on a number of TV and radio programs and has been talked about by a growing number of comedians including legend Frank Skinner.

The next event is Sunday 29th October 2023 (see flyer opposite). Find out more info on upcoming events, news and merchandise at SOBER IS FUN

… and if you do end up enjoying an afternoon of comedy tell Martyn where you heard about it 🙂

comedy flyer