Alcohol-free beer for dogs


Type – non-alcoholic beer for dogs
Review – Ok we are not recommending giving your pooch pal an actual beer but several canny companies have produced non-alcoholic beer alternatives for your dog; I even look at accompanying snacks too. 

It may be a bit tongue-in-cheek and to be honest this was the last thing I thought I would be writing about when I started up this … alcohol-free beer for dogs!

In fact, I had no idea this was even a ‘thing’. I have a dog (Reese, the red setter – below) yet I was quite oblivious to this phenomenon. Alcohol-free beer is a popular trend in America and it does seem to be making its way to the UK too.

Why is there now such demand for this product? Perhaps it’s due to the number of new dog owners following the pandemic. Perhaps it’s due to owners wanting to spoil their beloved pooches. Perhaps alcohol-free owners want their dogs to drink the same! Whatever the reason there are now a number of companies offering beer (and wine) alternatives for dogs.

reese in bar

Non-alcoholic dog drinks

Before I start looking into the various ‘beer’ options for dogs it’s worth pointing out these products are actually meat stocks that are repackaged to look like beers. DO NOT feed your dog actual alcohol as it can be poisonous and cause them real harm


woof and brew

Great name and a great selection of treats for dogs. They have an amusingly named ‘Bottom sniffer’ beer which is a drink that contains lots of natural ingredients for dogs’ wellbeing such as bladderwrack and nettle and also rooibos and dandelion (known to be rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants).

Not only that, they have a selection of posh pooch wine including ‘Tailwagger Creek’. Ok using the term ‘wine’ to describe this product is a bit far-fetched as it’s basically an infusion of different herbs that can be used as natural hydration or just a treat. A great site, worth visiting if you want to spoil your dog.

Check out Woof & Brew


good boy dog beer

Set up by an American couple, this company offers a range of different beers to choose from for your dog. Just as My Dry Bar splits beers out into various categories, Good Boy Dog Beer also offers dog owners the chance to give their dogs a selection including ales, IPAs, Malt or Blonde ‘beers’.

Each drink is full of healthy and fresh ingredients that help your pet’s digestive system.

Check out Good Boy Dog Beer


busch dog beer

Busch (yes Busch the famous beer brewer) has released a beer for dogs. Called ‘Dog Brew’ it is basically a stock made of some of a dog’s favourite ingredients including herbs, pork broth, and vegetables.

Coming in a four-pack you can take this with you when you’re out on a picnic while you tuck into Busch’s non-alcoholic beer.

Check out Dog Brew

dog party

Alcohol-free drinking with dogs


bowser beer

These guys have gone all out when it comes to beer treats for dogs, along with doggy beer they also offer meaty cigars and gift packs.

It seems dogs can’t get enough of Bowser beers which includes good quality meat, vitamin B (for a shiny coat) and glucosamine (for joints). They can even customise beer bottles to feature a picture of your dog!

Check out Bowser beers


beer paws

Beer Paws is an American company that has a great selection of alcohol-free treats for dogs including their popular original craft beer for dogs.

Their ‘beers’ contain a bunch of tasty ingredients for your dog including a beef base, malt extract, and vegetarian K9 Glucosamine.

Check out Beer Paws

… and don’t forget the snacks!

beer dog snacks

It’s not all about the drinking. Sometimes you need something tasty and crunchy to accompany your alcohol-free beer … and when it comes to canines good old Brewdog has got it sorted with their Punk IPA dog biscuits.

Made from spent grain and developed from legends of the beer scene these dog snacks are perfect to accompany the beers mentioned above.

Check out BrewDog