Small Beer Lager

Small Beer’s lager is the second Small Beer drink I’ve had (last year tried their pale ale which was pretty tasty) so I am gradually getting through their collection; others being an IPA and a Hazy IPA.

If you did not manage to read my previous review Small Beer Brew Co. is a UK-based brewer who focuses on brewing low-ABV beers from their London establishment. By low alcohol, I mean less than 3% ABV.

Small Beer Lager is more reminiscent of a classic Pilsner in its style. It is brewed with the finest ingredients and achieves a ABV of just 2.1% yet still packs great flavour and is low in calories. I am quite getting into these beers that are not big alcoholic beasts but still give you subtle mellowness. 

The question is does Small Beer make a BIG statement or is it a shrinking violet? Well, you’ll just need to read my review below.

drinking small beer lager

Is Small Beer lager ale any good?


This is another great low-alcohol beer from Small Beer. With this lager, you get some sweet barley notes with a refreshing hop finish.  The balance of flavours along with perfect le els of carbonation certainly produce a lager I’ll be coming back to. 

Aroma & Appearance

This lager doesn’t pack a punch like the pale ale but you still get a nose full of hoppy goodness. In the glass, Small Beer pours with a light amber look and a low head.  

Bonus points

Again just want to point out the cool graphics they use to adorn their bottles … simple and meaningful. Also worth pointing out that Small Beer is B Corp Certified brewery (which means they are a socially and environmentally responsible business. Small Beer Lager is suitable for vegans but not gluten-free drinkers and availability-wise pretty common in the UK but harder abroad. 

Buy Small Beer Lager

At the time of writing, you can find this on a few supermarket shelves including Waitrose, as well as on Small Beer’s site.

small beer lager
Key information

– per 330ml

Type – lager

BrewerySmall Beer Brew Co

Country – UK

Alcohol content – 2.1%

Ingredients – Water, malted barley, oats, hops and yeast

Calories – 73

Vegan friendly? – yes

Gluten-free? – no

Availability UK / EU – medium

Availability US / CAN – hard

small beer lager

“Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.”
-Seneca, AD 50 BC