Low alcohol beers

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The vast majority of the drinks reviewed on My Dry Bar are either zero alcohol or alcohol-free (classified as between 0 – 0.5% ABV) however there are times when I review drinks that have a low level of alcohol in them.

As such if you don’t mind a small volume of alcohol in your drinks make sure you check out the collection below.

Best low alcohol beers

The following list is some of the best low alcohol beers I’ve tried. Whether it’s a lager or refreshing shandy top there is bound to be one that suits. 

# 1

Small Beer

Low alcohol pale ale

small beer pale ale

This pale ale by Small Beer was very refreshing featuring bitter hops, sweet malts and the tang of various citrus fruits. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a low alcohol beer.

Alcohol content – 2.5% ABV

33 points

tasting small beer

# 2

IPA Shandy

Low alcohol shandy

shandy shack ipa review

If you enjoy an IPA beer but sometimes find they are too strong and hoppy then this low alcohol IPA shandy by Shandy Shack is a great suggestion. Refreshing and tasty, this is a must-have for any summer BBQ party.  

Alcohol content – 2.8% ABV

33 points

shandy shack ipa

# 3

Elderflower lager top

Low alcohol shandy

shandy shack

If you are a fan of shandy’s then Shandy Shack’s Elderflower lager top is a must-try. Overall it’s a refreshing drink and the addition of elderflower gives it a hoppy, bitter taste.   

Alcohol content – 2.5% ABV

31 points

shandy shack tasting

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